Planning to Become a Lash Artist

Anyone here are planning to change career? Thinking if being a lash artist is meant for you? You love lashes and would love to create beautiful lash set and eventually earn from it. 

Doing what you love and making money out of it. Being a lash artist is extremely profitable. But then, it will not come as easy as that. 

Anything that you really wanted, you need to work hard on it. Being a lash artist is not as easy as get trays of lashes, tweezers and glue and now you can already apply on people. 

As I begin my journey on this lash industry, it's hard at the beginning as I am not aware of what to expect. I tried to research how to start and eventually I was able to get information that I need. I self-study, attended trainings that is really important in your growth on becoming a lash artist. 

I am always telling new lash artist to invest on trainings as this will benefit you in the future. When you added new skill set, you will be able to offer new lash set to your clients. 

How profitable it is to become a lash artist?

This all depends on how experienced you are as a lash artist. Materials that you are using and where you do your appointment. 

Profit will depends on how often you open your schedule for appointment, if you do this full time, that would mean that you can accommodate a lot of clients per day. 

Invest in yourself

When we study, we will be the one to benefit from of it too. Don't be afraid to join trainings, I know it's going to be expensive but I will assure you that this will be beneficial for you. 

Since we are experiencing Pandemic, most of the classes are online, in this case, you will have the comfort to learn on your own time, your own place which is the safest as of the moment. Maximizing your time to learn new stuff even at home. Most of the lash artists that I know are having training during the quarantine period while not taking any client yet since most of the salons are closed down. 

Don't worry on how to practice, there's a mannequin that you can work on even you don't have a real person to practice. 

We at ThousandLashes are encouraging lash artist to not settle on just knowing 1 or 2 lash set, be out there and stand out from the rest by learning new lash set as much as you can. 

We know the feeling of starting out and got no where to get support too. No resources to look at. That's the reason why we launch our Online Wispy Training to help out lash artists to add new skill set on their profile. 

Are you classic individual lash trained and want to move to the next level? Give your clients a full fluffy look or strip lash spiky look they will love. Or are you Russian Volume trained and want to attend our spiked wispy lash class?

This is an advanced course, recommended for seasoned lash artists, with experience in classic and volume. This online wispy training will be available for 2 weeks online, after purchasing for students to watch the material provided.

I strongly recommend, watching the course multiple times, in order to grasp the concepts and apply them to live models and clients.


  • Wisps on classic lashes
  • Wisps on volume lashes
  • Wisps on mega volume lashes
  • Colored lashes with wisps
  • Kylie Lashes with Mega Volume
  • Kylie wispy effect
  • Wisps on shorter lengths
  • Different kinds of wispy fans
  • Difference between the base and the wisps
  • Different kinds of wispy fans
  • Kylie on thin weak lashes
  • Short natural on wispy effect
  • Inner and outer corners for the Kylie effect
  • Steps in working direction
  • Mega volume specifics
  • What is not a Kylie Look?
  • Wispy fan characteristics
  • Many more…

You will not regret getting this as this is the latest craze of the girls out there and the lash style that wanted to achieve. This is really an easy to learn technique. 

I know you are already interested to take this course, so I will give you additional resources for you to read on. 

Our Wispy Ebook will give you a glimpse of what kind of training that we are conducting. Get your copy here

An online wispy presentation that we have prepared for you to get ready to upgrade your skills and eventually offer a wispy look to your clients. You can watch it here

Invest in your materials 

This will be a challenging part of becoming a lash artist, finding the right products for you. When I am just beginning, I tried so many tweezers, glues, lash trays that doesn't pass my standard, and just don't worked out for me and my clients. So, I realized what lash artist like me needs, a quality products that will help each one of us to create beautiful lash set for our clients. Our clients only deserve the best. 

When you are already done with your training, you have to eventually practice what you have learn, but can't find any model to work? Worry no more, a mannequin head with removable eyelids is a good alternative as your model. 

 A very good lash products that you can begin with, the Deluxe Beginner Kit

Be a lash supplier

This will surely added profit on your end. Once, you already found the right materials for you and your clients, proven and tested it. You could actually sell it to other lash artist as well. You could be a local distributor on your area. 

You will not only benefit from this but you can also help out other lash artist to get quality and affordable lash supplies. 

 Be a lash trainer

This is another benefit of developing your skills. You will be able to teach other lash artist as well. An additional source of income for you. Once you already master a specific set then you will be able to train new lash artist. Train them to do classic, volume, how to make lash fans, and etc. 

Based on my experienced, being a lash artist is not only rewarding but also profitable and made me realized that you do so much more being a lash artist. 

Be resourceful, everyone starts from the beginning, be out there and find out how to learn new things. Never stop learning. Further enhance your skills. 

Good luck to all the newbies out there who are starting up their lash career. And to those who have been in the business, never stop developing new skill set.