The Secret to Massive Growth in your Lash Business

For the first few years of business, the goal is to make the business survive its operation. However, your goal is the growth of your business and should be prioritize. There are a lot of things to consider to be able to grow your lash business.

Hope you find this blog post a helpful one to elevate the status of your business.

Recapture Existing Customers

Yes, you might be interested in getting new customers, however, your previous customers will surely be your greatest marketing tool to upscale your business. They already tested your services or the products that you are offering.

It’s a great time to offer them something to win them back or retain their loyalty. It’s a very effective method that improving customer retention will greatly affect the value of the company. When you offer them something that they will look forward to, they will surely ask invite or refer you to their friends.

It’s a win-win situation, you retain your previous clients and you might have potential clients coming in and adding to your clientele.

Let your previous clients be up-to-date of the latest happenings on your business. If there will be promotions coming up, referrals, holiday specials, etc. Let them be part of your email list so they’ll feel they are also part of your business.

Ask for referrals

You already build a strong relationship with your clients and by now, you are comfortable asking for their referrals. Like what I said, they are your greatest marketing tools, they can do so much help to your lash business.

As a return you incentivize referrals with a discount code that they can use on their next services. If they are on social media, they can post about the kind of service/products that they got from me and talk about it on their social media platforms.

Nowadays, everyone’s on social media and most customers are really looking up to influencers, clients from their recommendations. They are the first-hand people who can attest about your services/products.

Contain your costing

You might think that getting your pricing higher will surely bring profit. Yes, it’s true but it will not come handy. Changing the pricing of your services/products might greatly hurt your lash business. I am not saying, you can’t increase your pricing. What I am trying to say is increase when business stabilize and when you are ready to do it.

For the meantime, that you are trying to grow your business, keep the clientele up. Keep the costing of your salon or business on minimal. That is why inventory of products is highly recommended on this stage. You can’t afford to buy so much supplies and not maximizing the use of it. Buy what is necessary as of the moment. Upgrades can be done once you already establish your lash business and your keep being fully-booked.

Lessen the marketing materials that are not relevant on your lash business. For now, focus on what’s free or on a minimal cost.

Again, upgrades can be done in no time once you keep up with your clientele.

Extend your market reach

You might be advertising your lash business only on your neighborhood only, why not extend your business on the nearby cities that you can also offer your business.

This is what the social media platforms that you have will do wonders for your business. With your contents, posting your lash sets works, the proper captions and high reach hashtags, you can reach out to clients which you would like to market.

If you’re from San Diego, just add location pin on your post or hashtags and people who are researching on lash business near or on San Diego, your post will surely be on their feeds.

You are making your business expose to so many people that might be your prospective clients.

Get to know your customers

You wanted to build a strong tie with your clients, with that being said, you wanted to get to know your customers well. You wanted to know what kind of services they really look up to.

I would suggest offer as many lashes set as you can, there should be a variety of lash sets wherein people can choose and have an option.

Above and beyond customer service

Yes, you know how to run your business, you got skills, you got great supplies/products to perform lash extension. However, if you don’t know how to treat your clients well, by all means, I will tell you that your business will not go anywhere.

Without your clients, you will be nothing. Business will be useless. Learn how to treat them well, meaning give them an above and beyond kind of services. The kind of services that they paid for and what they deserve.

Measure what works and refine your approach

There’s no perfect approach, what I am writing here are my journey and the steps that are working for our lash business and for our company.

Just a heads-up, whatever works for me but not works for you. Or the current marketing strategies that you are working on, might not work for me or the rest of our lash community.

This is an absolute trial and error thing. Different approach on how to do we attach our marketing just to build the lash business that we are dreaming of. It takes and efforts. What I would suggest will be, try all the available resources, it works then retain it, make it better, if it will not work, then change it, make new plans.

At the end of the day, you are the #bossbabe of your business, your rules, your ways and your strategies.

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