Things that your lash artist wants to tell you

When I am starting, I don’t know how to deal with my clients yet, what will be the approach on how to present them my price lists. I am so scared that they might think that I might be charging so much or so little.

How my clients will book their appointment with me and how do I remind them about it?

Do I need to accept cash payment, bank transfer or any online payment?

These are just some of my dilemma and I think most of the new lash artists can totally relate too.

All these things are sorted out as I go along with my lash journey. There are so many trial and errors on how to run my business and what kind of customer service to I need to provide for my dear clients.

I learned that there are certain things that need to be followed and be strictly implemented. It helps me how to manage my business properly and how to prevent or lessen the untoward incidents in terms of dealing with my clients.

This blog will help both the clients and lash artist to understand how things works.

As you have been dying to have your first eyelash extension, you’ve been searching for the lash artist around your area; there are certain things that you have to remember as a client.

I have listed the things that you have to remember when you are done looking for your lash artist and already have an appointment. These are the things your lash artist wants to tell you.

  • Be on time for your lash appointment

As we all know that time is gold and we should always need to remember that your lash artist is running a serious business here. She blocked a specific time for you to be included on her schedule.

Your lash artist will surely be reminding you ahead of your schedule day and time regarding your appointment; either she will send you a text message or an email. Please have the courtesy to reply to confirm.

Make sure to be on the area at least 5 – 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment.

  • Clean face and no makeup at all

Most of the lash artists have their written or virtual policy consent form for you to fill up and she’ll be able to explain the do’s and don’ts before, during and after appointment. Please make sure to fully understand everything.

One of the policies is to come to your appointment clean, meaning no makeup at all, no eye shadows, no eyeliners, nothing at all. Clean and bare face, it’ll be easier for your lash artist to work on a clean face.

So what will happen if you came to your appointment with makeup and with dirty lashes? Either, your lash artist will not continue with the appointment and let you come back for another schedule or she’ll clean it and charge you extra fee for that.

If you don’t want to be charge extra, then by all means, please clean your face, most especially your lashes.

  • Don’t drink any caffeine

This is one of the enemies of any lash artists when a client drinks for example of coffee and their eyes and sometimes body twitching. We wanted you to have the best experience ever while having your first ever eyelash extension, caffeine will not help you to relax for the entire session. Make sure you haven’t consumed any caffeinated drinks or energy drinks at least 3 hours prior to your most awaited appointment.

  • Bring your artistic side

You always sought the help of the internet to know which eyelash extensions really stands out, same as what we are doing when we wanted a certain cut on our hair. Make sure to save pictures on your phone and you can show it to your lash artist. She’ll discuss and give you some advice on which curl to use or lashes that she’ll be using. Everyone is unique and your lash artist will be so creative to give you the look that you deserve.


  • Use the bathroom before your lash appointment

Aside from not consuming any caffeinated beverages, make sure you are not so full or drank any liquid prior to appointment. If not, this will lead for you to use the bathroom frequently.

Use the bathroom prior to your appointment and you’ll have uninterrupted relaxation time while getting your lashes done.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

We always suggest to dress as comfortable as possible that you can wear. You can wear jacket or any time to cover you just in case you get cold while having your sessions.

  • No talking during your appointment

We, as your lash artist wanted to catch up with you and have some chit-chat, however, talking during clients will destruct your lash artist and it will lessen the time to work on your lashes. Make this time to actually relax while your artist performs her job. I would love to catch up with my client if and only if work has been done and if ever I don’t have my next client waiting.

When you go to see your lash artist it’s nap time, if you want to leave with nice lashes. STOP talking ?! Are you a client who moves and talks a lot ? Well now you can see what a lash artist faces when your moving to much. It is very difficult to apply a lash extension to one of your natural lashes with to much movement from the client. So try not to chit chat to much, maybe even take a nap.

Lash artist stand your ground so that you can apply the lashes correctly and with less stress. If they are talking to much. Ask them kindly how you can make them more comfortable. Explain why it’s hard for you to work when they are moving their eyes and talking Don’t be shy!

  • Mobile phones on silent mode

Another cause of interruption within the session is when you need to check on your phone, or worst you are talking on the phone while having your lashes done. Use this time to relax for a couple of hours and for sure everything else outside the lash room can wait. 

  • Have patience

For sure, your lash artist prior to booking your appointment, she already informed you that this will take hours before she'll be able to finish with your lash set. Refrain from asking if she's done yet with the lashes, she'll definitely inform you when it's all done. Anything beautiful really takes time to achieve. You wanted a quality and beautiful lash set? Then let take her time and do her work. 

  • No kids allowed or extra guest

With what is happening right, corona virus and all, it's best to not allowed any guests inside the lash room or lash area. It's for safety purposes for both the lash artist and the client. 

Even before the virus came, I also don't allow any guests especially kids roaming around my lash area. It'll sure interrupt my clients. 

Your lash artist works hard on those gorgeous lashes that you are now wearing. It is now your tasks to make it clean and looking so gorgeous. Most of the lash artists are also selling an after-care kit that you can readily purchase. That will ensure that will maintain your lashes so clean!

  • Be sure to tip and tip generously

Do you like your newly applied eyelash extension? And you can’t thank enough your lash extension how she did well on your lashes? A tip will really do so much and your lash artist will surely appreciates you for showing gratitude to her.

  • Refer a friend/family

You can’t stop talking about lashes; why not invite your girlfriends or your sister to try your newly found BFF lash artist. A referral is another way of showing how much you love your lashes.

These are the unspoken things most of the lash artist is afraid to inform their clients especially when they are just starting out.

Hopefully, this will help our future clients with these tips and to our lash sisters, make sure that some of the tips here should be included on your policy.

Be yourself and be very open to your clients and they’ll for sure appreciates you more.

Good luck to all my lash sisters who are just starting out.