Tips And Tricks On Pre-booking Your Client's Appointment

How do you get clients to prebook? How will your lash business benefit from pre-booking? How do you book clients?

As a lash artist, managing your schedule efficiently is crucial for your business success. Pre-booking your clients' appointments can save you time, reduce last-minute cancellations, and ensure a steady flow of work.

Here are some straightforward tips and tricks to help you master the art of pre-booking.

Tips And Tricks On Pre-booking Your Client's Appointment
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1. Explain the Benefits Clearly

Clients need to understand why pre-booking is beneficial for them. When explaining, focus on the convenience and guarantee of securing their preferred time slots. For example, you could say:

"Pre-booking your appointments ensures you get the best time that fits your schedule and keeps your lashes looking their best without any gaps."


2. Set Up a Reminder System

Implement a system to remind your clients about their next appointment. Use automated text messages, emails, or a phone call a week before their scheduled time. This not only reduces no-shows but also reinforces the importance of their appointment.

"Hi [Client's Name], this is a reminder of your lash appointment on [Date] at [Time]. Looking forward to seeing you!"


3. Offer Incentives for Pre-Booking

Offering a small discount or a bonus service can encourage clients to pre-book. For instance, you might offer a 10% discount on their next service if they book before leaving their current appointment.

"Book your next appointment today and enjoy 10% off! It's our way of saying thank you for being a loyal client."


4. Educate on Maintenance

Explain how regular appointments are essential for maintaining their lash extensions. This can motivate clients to pre-book, ensuring their lashes always look fresh.

"To keep your lashes looking full and beautiful, it's best to have fills every 2-3 weeks. Let's schedule your next appointment now to keep them perfect."


5. Use a Booking System

Invest in a reliable booking system that allows clients to book their next appointment easily. Make sure it's user-friendly and accessible both online and via mobile.

"Check out our online booking system where you can easily schedule your next appointment at your convenience."


6. Provide Excellent Service

Clients are more likely to re-book if they are satisfied with your service. Always strive to deliver the best possible experience during each appointment.

"Thank you for your visit today! Let's set up your next appointment to ensure your lashes stay full."


7. Schedule Before They Leave

Encourage clients to book their next appointment before they leave your salon. Have your schedule ready and suggest a date that matches their usual cycle.

"Your lashes look amazing! How about we schedule your next fill in three weeks? Does [Date] work for you?"


8. Create a Sense of Urgency

Let clients know that your schedule fills up quickly and that pre-booking is the best way to secure their preferred time.

"My schedule fills up fast, especially during peak times. Let's book your next appointment now to ensure you get your preferred slot."


9. Personalize the Approach

Tailor your booking suggestions based on each client's needs and preferences. Personal touch can make a significant difference.

"Based on your schedule and lash cycle, I recommend we book your next appointment in four weeks. How does [Date] at [Time] sound?"


10. Follow Up After Each Appointment

Send a follow-up message thanking them for their visit and reminding them of the importance of pre-booking their next session.

"Thank you for visiting today! Remember to pre-book your next appointment to keep your lashes looking their best."



Pre-booking your clients' appointments is a strategic move that ensures both your business and your clients benefit. By clearly communicating the advantages, offering incentives, and using a reliable booking system, you can encourage your clients to commit to their next appointment before leaving your salon. Implement these tips and tricks to streamline your schedule and maintain a steady flow of satisfied clients.



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