Retention Tips

We wanted to give our client’s the satisfaction that they deserve. OK, so you created a beautiful classic/volume set?! Your client is thrilled, now the last thing any lash artist wants is for the client to come back a couple of days later, saying their lashes are falling out.

Tips for your client’s lashes to last as long as possible. Here are a couple of tips I have noticed that decrease this issue for me.

1. Humidity
The lash glue performs ideally in a humidity range of 40-60%. Get a hydrometer to keep your lash room humidity under control. This tool is a must, and inexpensive to purchase. For more information, check out this article for tips on maintaining the perfect eyelash humidity in your workspace.

2. Dehumidifier
If your room is too moist, you will need to use a dehumidifier to keep your work environment moisture controlled.

3. Temperature
72-77 degrees F is where you want to be at! Make sure your temperature is in the correct range so your glue stays consistent.

4. Glue
Make sure to shake your glue thoroughly. If your glue sits for too long, the compounds can separate. You must shake for about 30-60 seconds to remix everything properly.

5. Clean Lashes
The natural lashes need to be squeaky clean. Removal of natural oils and debris is a must for proper adhesion. A primer can really help with this step.

6. Adhesive use
Don’t use too much adhesive. This can cause damage to the natural lashes, but using too little adhesive will make it so the lash extensions pop right off. It’s definitely a balance, and it needs to be just right!

Follow these simple steps and your clients will be happy with the kind of service you are providing.

Happy Clients = Happy Lash Artist