Tips on No-Show and Cancellation Policy

As a business owner, I have a lot of things to consider. One of these is the no show and cancellation policy. This are the standard rules to follow, if this is implemented properly, the business will be operating smoothly.

I have been in the business for quite sometimes, I experienced those clients who will just cancel a few minutes before their appointment. Here are some of the tips to prevent customers from no show status and our cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy should be written on the website or any of your pages. Everything should be discussed with new clients upfront. Make sure they fully understood all the details.


Things happen, it’s hard to be a complete Time Nazi and penalize everyone right away. This is why I suggest a one time grace, for emergencies. All clients get a one-time free cancellation with no charges at all!

This shows that you are a reasonable person and understand that emergencies do happen, but you won’t tolerate constant cancellations, because that will cost you time and money.

If clients cancel because they just do not feel like coming to their appointment and feel like sleeping in, that’s not acceptable, and you need to set clear boundaries.

oNLINE booking / DEPOSIT

You should need an online booking. You should have a system, to book your clients online, this prevents cancellations significantly , because they have already pre-paid their appointment, and will not cancel unless there is a really good reason.


We wanted to be nice and all, however, we have to be firm with our policy. We should teach our clients to respect our time, as we respect them as our clients.

I always believe that time is gold, time is money, every time I spend my precious time to give service, I am also earning a profit from it.


You can personally assess if the client is telling the truth. If this happens all the time, it’s about time to fire the client. It is better to lose one client than to lose more. The right client will eventually come.

Don’t dwell too much of 1 client who always wastes your precious time. Give it to someone who’s serious about getting your service.

May this help you in running your business. Remember: RULES ARE RULES, MADE TO BE FOLLOWED!

No call, no show? And you want me to book you again?

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