What you need to know about M curl?

When it comes to your client’s eyelashes, choosing the right length and curl for them is very important. You want to be meeting your client’s specifications, but also educate them on what may be best for them.

You want to make sure they are getting the desired look while maintaining something safe and manageable for them. 

I often get questions from clients on which curl they should pick. Typically, I pick the curl depending on the look they are interested in, as well as on their eye shape.

Most clients trust their lash artist's recommendations, on occasion some clients will come with a picture and ask for a specific lash styling with specific curls. I believe it is the job of the lash artist to guide clients in the right direction, when it comes to styling. A lash artist should be very knowledgable regarding lash symmetry and how to enhance the clients features without overshadowing the clients beauty.

Clients are currently clamoring to the new M curl, because its so new and exotic, they see it all over social media, and some of their friends are also sporting this look.

The exciting part about this curl is that It has a long base which ensure a longer retention as it has longer contact point with the natural lash plus it gives your clients that perfect and dramatic cat eye look! Keep in mind, the M curl lashes holds their curl, no worries about it loosing the curl in between fills.

So the M curl is part of the strong curls that have taken the lash industry by storm lately.

The M curl, this curl has a long base which is similar to the other curls we spoke about. However unlike the other members of its tribe, the M curve doesn’t have a sharp bend, it has a smoother transition, and an overall smoother finish. Which makes this curl the ideal curl to start with for beginners who have never worked with these new and exotic curls. Since it is a little less sharp, the lifting effect will still be dramatic. This way it will not be such a big transition for both the lash artist and the client. Once the client requests something even sharper with an ever stronger bend and lift, the lash artist can direct the client towards the L curl.

Let's talk styling
Now if your client has downturned eyes and you are looking to provide a visual lifting with the help of the M curl, you will be able to achieve this very easily with this curl.
Downturned eyes have a slight dropping on the outer corners. You can recognize downturned eyes by the fact that the outer corners are angled downwards, rather than upwards, or even towards the middle. This eye shape can sometimes give the impression of sad or tired eyes, which is why most people are looking to visually “lift” the eyes a little bit with clever use of makeup, or in this case, lash extensions.
Recommended Lash Extension: Cat Eyes
Downturned Eyes
(downturned eyes)

The sharp curve of the M curl allows the lash artist to aggressively manipulate the shape of the clients eye. By aggressive, we are talking about achieving a really big change, which is always really exciting for the client.

The M curl can easily hide hanging eyelids or lift “sad eyes”/ downturned eyes in outer corner.

Check out the lash mapping below that you can try on your clients, it's important to remember that this curl pairs beautifully with the C and CC curl. As you can see in this picture below the CC curl lashes have been used for the inner corners. This is done to achieve a softer look for the inner corners.
I have attached here the guidelines on how to pick a lash curl for your dear clients. 
How to work with M curl lashes?
Do not be intimidated by this new kid on the block, it is actually a fairly easy curl to work with. It is not recommended for beginners who have not yet mastered lash fanning, but for intermediate lash artists who are looking to add some flair to their work. 
You need to fan the M curls the same way you would a C or D curl, with your fanning method of choice. Keep in mind this M curl pairs very well with CC curls and with C curls as well. You can choose to put CC curls in the inner corners for a softer more subtle look. You can also decide to use M curl throughout the entire set, including in the inner corners.
What do you need to create gorgeous set?
These beautiful Luxury Eye curls comes in 0.07 diameter and can be found on our website. We have been receiving so much request for this curl. We listened and finally created these beautiful lashes.
M Curl Lashes for Eyelash Extension, this curl is so new and exotic, clients are asking for it more and more. It really emphasizes the client’s eyes the perfect way if used correctly.
Easy to use: The lashes are removable easily from the strips and the strips can be picked from the basis easily as well. Eyelash extensions supplies for Salon and professional Lash Artist, huge time saver.
Lash extensions are really exciting but if it’s your first time, it can be kind of daunting. Hopefully, this post helps you understand the basics of the M curl. Have fun, experiment with different styles, lengths, and curls. Also, keep in mind, make friends with your clients. Feel comfortable to sit down, discuss their needs, and recommend something for them if they are unsure.
You have worked with hundreds of eye shapes and lashes in your years of experience and would happily suggest something that will make your clients leaving feeling amazing!
We always provide the best look for our dear clients. Let me know what you think about this blog post and hopefully this will guide you towards trying to create a beautiful lash set using the M curl.