Why Flat Classic Lashes Are Getting More Popular

What is the difference between flat lashes and classic? Are flat lashes lighter than classic? How do you apply flat eyelash extensions?

Flat classic lashes seem to be the latest trend in the world of eyelash extensions, and it's becoming more popular than ever before. There are various reasons for this, and its popularity will continue to rise.

Flat Classic Lashes

Flat Lashes 0.15 (Mix 8-14mm) used here. To shop, please click here.


Choosing between classic and flat lashes can be tough, especially when trying them for the first time. If you aren't sure what style is best for your clients, let's go over the details to help you decide.


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Flat classic lashes are just like they sound. They're flat and are the new trend in lash extensions. In fact, classic flat lashes have also been called "Ellipse" and "Cashmere" lashes. Flat lashes have several advantages and are ideal for classic or hybrid lash sets. Compared to classic full set lashes of the same weight, they appear thicker and more dramatic.

Flat lash extensions

Because of their wider bonding surface, flat lashes provide better lash retention. The less harmful natural lashes are because they are lighter. Both kinds of lashes can be altered to the client's liking, thanks to the availability of various lengths and thicknesses.

Are flat lashes better


In addition, flat lashes are definitely for you if you want lightweight lashes that only need a little adhesive. They are perfect for clients with weaker and shorter natural lashes and still achieve a naturally beautiful look.

There are different types of flat lashes:

Black Flat Classic Lashes

We all want the best for our lash clients. That's why when working with bespoke, luxury lashes, we look to make them as natural and beautiful as possible. They're a great choice if you haven't seen classic flat lashes. They have a perfect matte finish, making them look natural without compromising the beauty of your client's lashes—the ideal choice for clients looking for a natural yet full look.

Flat Lash

Flat Lashes 0.15 (Mix 8-14mm) used here. To shop, please click here.


Color Flat Classic Lashes

To make your client's eyes pop, several eyelash extension types and curl patterns are available. Color lash extensions are one of those trends that never go out of style!

You can never go wrong with flat colored extensions, whether your client wants the warm tones of brown lashes, the earthy vibes of green or blue lashes, bold rainbow lashes, or even a dashing style with red or purple lashes!

Color Flat Classic Lashes

Flat Color Lashes Mix Length (8-15mm) 0.15mm used here. To shop, please click here.


So next time you want to be different and unique with your client lash extension service, try using color flat classic lashes! Or what kind of mood your client is in the day they come in to get their lashes done. They'll be in good hands with you and your artistic flare!


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It would seem that flat lashes are taking over classic lashes. But why? Although classic lashes have a few advantages, most lash artists like flat lashes because they give a more dramatic look without harming the client's natural eyelashes. The application process for both types is pretty much the same; however, there are some differences.

Classic vs. Flat Lashes


Classic lashes are round in the base, and flat lashes are more oval in the base. These two shapes make all the difference when creating a most flattering lash look. Because of this, the look of a flat lash and a classic lash of the same weight differs significantly. The classic lash offers a very soft natural look, but the flat lash gives the eye more of a wispy eyeliner effect.

Classic lashes extensions can be applied to the client's natural lash's top, side, or bottom. Unlike flat lashes, you can apply it only at the top or bottom of the natural lashes.

Because they are healthier, safer, lighter, softer, and have better retention, flat lash extensions are preferable to classic lashes.


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While choosing the perfect set of lashes depends entirely on the client, you can never go wrong with flat ones. These extensions can be easily applied to any client, whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field.

  • An excellent choice for lash clients who desire a set of classic lashes that are more dramatic.
  • A greater bonding surface is provided on flat lashes, which improves retention.
  • Because they are lighter, they do less damage to the natural lashes.
  • For clients with weak natural lashes, flat lashes are ideal.
  • They give off a more textured appearance without adding weight like regular classic lashes.
  • The application only needs a tiny bit of glue.
  • Both classic and flat lashes are the same except for their base.
  • For those clients who prefer a splash of color or a more dramatic pair of classic lashes, flat color lashes are a great choice.


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If you want to learn why flat classic lashes are taking over the eyelash market, then you should understand what they offer you. You should now be aware of what flat classic lashes are. If not, the description and photos should help to clear up any confusion you may have had. It's impossible to know where this trend will lead or how long it will last, but you can be sure that it will remain prevalent for the foreseeable future.

There you have it, we've discussed many things in this article, but the most important thing to remember is that flat lashes look as if they're growing right out of the eyes and provide a natural-looking appearance. There's no reason not to use them!



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