Classic Eyelash Extension Course
The Classic Course
Classic Lash Extensions Certification
Classic lash course
Classic Eyelash Extension Course
The Classic Course
Classic Lash Extensions Certification
Classic lash course


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Jumpstart your lash knowledge with this lash training course that teaches you all you need to know about how to apply classic lashes

Learn the ins and outs of the lash industry as well as tips and techniques to start lashing right away. 

Classic Eyelash Extension Course


This course is recommended for beginner lash artists. If you feel like the classic course you took, didn’t give you a clear overview of classic lash extensions this is for you!

This course provides a great amount of theory and demonstrations that will make you comfortable with starting to practice classic lashes. 


Do you think you need this course?

Master the fundamentals of classics to elevate your lash game to new heights. Learn the art of advanced application and directional placement. This essential course will change your classic application and have you understand the science of perfect placement.

Becoming a successful lash artist entails risk as well as consistent effort and action. You have to be willing to put consistent work into practicing the tips and techniques we offer in this online course.

If you are serious about pursuing a new career in eyelash extensions and learning in the comfort of your own home then this is an unmissable opportunity.

Apply for this course and learn how to perform the complete procedure and correct steps in applying for Classic Eyelash Extensions. 

In addition to the course, you will receive a classic lash training manual you can refer back to and keep forever with the information covered in our course.

Now if you ARE ready to make a change 

Let me jump right in and show you why this will be a game-changer for your lash artist career.


Here's exactly what you will be getting

Learn the art of applying for eyelash extensions in a fun and relaxed setting. From basic to advanced lash techniques.

This isn't like any other classic lash training you've ever taken. We have compiled all the lessons and lash styling tips we have used for the last 10 years with our clients. 

Classic lash course

We will walk you through step by step so that you fully understand the entire classic lash application technique and are able to apply for eyelash extensions successfully and creatively.

This course is more than just placing the extension on the lash, it is also about creating a look and style that is unique to each client. 

Continuous support and guidance are provided to all students following course completion. We want you to know that we have an educator/lash artist available to answer any questions about the course you may have.

Here's a sneak peek

Classic Lash Training:
  • Classic, hybrid (mix), and volume lash extensions: What is the difference?
  • ​How to isolate?
  • ​How to get those inner corners?
  • ​Lash Composition and growth phases
  • ​Lash Extensions Shedding
  • ​4 phases in the growth cycle the eyelash growth cycle
  • ​Variety of lash curls
  • ​Lengths and diameters you can use
  • ​Distance of eyelash extension to the eyelid 
  • ​Lash retention
  • ​Avoid these 10 lash extension retention killers
  • ​The speed with which you remove the lash extension from the adhesive drop
  • ​Working with micro glue drops
  • ​How to work with humidity?
  • ​Lash mapping for classic lashes
  • ​Disinfection/ Sterilization
  • ​How to remove the eyelash extensions safely and correctly?
  • ​Lash extension care tips
  • ​How to make your lash business stand out on social media?
  • ​Best applications to use to grow your Instagram
  • ​and a lot more...
  • ​​A certificate at the end of the completion of the  online course will be emailed to you



Great! You already purchased this course. Ever wonder what else you need? 

Well, to be able to learn best, find a suitable space for you to watch the videos and take down notes. 

Please take the time to watch the videos, and decide if you need lash supplies to practice on.

Feel free to visit our website for a wide selection of suitable materials for all your lash needs. 



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