Easy Fan Lashes
Easy Fan Lashes
Easy Fan Lashes
Easy Fan Lashes

Easy Fan Lashes

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What it is:

Easy Fan Volume Lashes are specially designed for any lash tech looking to reduce the time during a custom volume set. The unique sticky lash strip will prevent the volume fans from separating at the base, allowing you to create the perfect fan within seconds.

Why it’s special:

Lashes are nicely spread on the stripe which helps to build your fans faster.

  • Natural Matte
  • Ultra Dark Black
  • L Curl now available
  • Diameters – 0.07, 0.05 mm
  • Length 8mm – 15mm
  • 100% Vegan never tested on animals
  • Double heat bonded long-lasting curl
  • Foil back for easy removal

The softness/texture of the Volume Mix Cashmere lashes is amazing. All of our Beauty products are animal cruelty-free.

0.05 C

0.05 D

0.07 C

0.07 D

Good to know:

We all know how difficult and time-consuming mastering the volume technique is and can be very frustrating. Whether struggling to build your own fans or you are a master and simply want to save time building your own but don’t want to use pre-made fans, this easy fan volume lashes are your best choice.