Wispy natural lashes
Online Course Wispy  Kim-K Lashes
Wispy Lash Extensions
Wispy Eyelash Extensions
Wispy Lashes
Wispy Eyelashes
Natural Wispy Lash Extensions
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Wispy natural lashes
Online Course Wispy  Kim-K Lashes
Wispy Lash Extensions
Wispy Eyelash Extensions
Wispy Lashes
Wispy Eyelashes
Natural Wispy Lash Extensions
Volume Wispy Lash Extensions


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Wispy Lashes


There’s a lot to learn about making money as a lash artist - it’s not just doing lashes and having good lash retention to get to grips with, there’s also the importance of achieving a really popular look that clients are willing to pay money for to figure out, too! There are Classic wispy lashes, Volume Wispy lashes, Wearability of wispy lashes, Colored Wispy lashes, L curl Wispy lashes, and so much more... right?

100% Actionable Online course

Deliver the highest quality lashes with the newest trend for your clients and WOW away the competition... This is unlike any other course that offers you some free info. This is truly transformative.. just check out what other lash artists are saying.

Are you classic individual lash trained and want to move to the next level? Give your clients a full fluffy look or strip lash spiky look they will love. Or are you Russian Volume trained and want to attend our spiked wispy lash class? This is an advanced course, recommended for seasoned lash artists, with some experience in classic and volume. 

A densely packed theory course on how to achieve the beautiful Kylie Wispy strip lashes. This course contains all the information you need to know in order to take your work with wispy lashes to an expert level.

I want to help you transform your lash artist career starting today, and it all starts with you, and your ability to apply the knowledge I am going to teach you.

But don’t worry, because we’ve created JUST the thing to teach you it ALL.


Lesson #1: Thousand Lashes
Lesson #2: L + M curls
Lesson #3: What is NOT the Kylie look?
Lesson #4: Kylie effect with Mega volume
Lesson #5: Kylie wispy effect
Lesson #6: My first try at the Kylie effect
Lesson #7: What curl to use for the lash base?
Lesson #8: What curl to use for wisps
Lesson #9: Wispy Fan Characteristics open editor
Lesson #10: How to start
Lesson #11: What lash row should you apply the lights to
Lesson #12: Difference between the base and the wisps
Lesson #13: The mistake
Lesson #14: Kylie look with classic lashes
Lesson #15: Kylie look on thin weak lashes
Lesson #16: The Kylie effect on fine thin lashes
Lesson #17: Wisps on shorter lengths
Lesson #18: Short natural wispy effect
Lesson #19: Kylie effect with Regular Volume
Lesson #20: Mega volume specifics
Lesson #21: Why I don’t use large fans for mega volume?
Lesson #22: C + C curls
Lesson #23: C + D curls
Lesson #24: D + D curls
Lesson #25: L + M curls
and many more...



By purchasing our online course, you agree to make sure you watch the entire course and keep a log of all your work, as you are practicing the course.

If something is not clear, you will contact us within 5 days in order to ask for guidance or clarifications. If we can’t solve your issue, and help you along your educational journey, you will be able to explain what issues you are having. You have 90 days (3 months to complete this educational journey). If you don’t take any steps to contact us and ask for clarification or help during the first week we do not take responsibility for you working through this course. You must do the steps you need in order to receive the certificate.

If you wait for longer than 5 days to contact us, the 90-day money-back guarantee is NOT applicable. The price of the lash kit is worth 199$ (not refundable) will be deducted from the course fee in case of a refund. *Kit is only provided when the course is not on sale*

All refunds are processed on a case by case basis, and the money-back 90-day policy is applicable when you have done the course, applied all the information, sent us your work, and worked with our educators, to help you progress, and are still unsatisfied and have not seen any progress in your lash work. We can’t take responsibility for people who take our course, listen to all the information, and decide to not apply it to their work.


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