A Lash Artist: A Work in Progress

Ever get lost which career to take? Do you ever wonder if you want to follow a path that earns a lot of money? Or follow the path that gives contentment to your heart?

I am one of them. My parents expected me to be up there having a career like a doctor, a lawyer or better yet an engineer.

However, I chose to be a Lash Artist and don’t make anyone impressed by the decision that I made.

Many days I wonder if I’m good enough. Or why people look up to me for inspiration because some days it’s hard to inspire myself to keep going but I do.

an artist inside me

I’ve been working up the courage to post something like this for a while. But the thoughts were like a tornado in my mind. People don’t wanna see that. How embarrassing. I have family and friends who follow me. What are you trying to accomplish?

A Lash Artist: A Work in Progress

a bit of sunshine

I find myself talking to so many of you who compare yourselves to others and it frustrates me because I want to just shake it out of you that you are YOU and that your story is unique.

But then I find myself being down also, and saying –
“ my client retention is not good enough “ Other lash artists seem to find the perfect home life balance, and are able to accomplish so much more in short amounts of time”
“ My lash sets are still not perfect 100% of the time”.

I getting better every day.
I am far from perfect, and so is my work, but that’s ok because I try to be better for myself and my clients.

You are all of these things too and you hold your own story, your message is helping others whatever the message you decide to share.

I may not be the person who everyone expects me to be. But then, I became a person who follows the desire of my heart and I am grateful to people who show supports to me all the way. To our lash community, follow your heart’s desire.