Everything About Pre-made and Pro-made Fans

New to lashing and still grasping ways on how to perfect making your own lash fans and that's perfectly normal. You don't need to feel bad about it. 

There are a lot of discussion around if you need to use premade fans or promade fans. You, as a lash artist can decide on what is best for you. There's a lot of reasons on why you should use premade lash fans and promade fans. 

Let me discuss the difference between premade fans and promade fans.



Premade fans eyelash extensions are fans that are ready for you to use. They were placed on a lash tray and ready for you to pick up and attach  to the natural lashes of your clients. The exact same was as you would attach a classic lash, you would attach a premade fans.

These fans are from 2 to 10 lashes glued or head bonded. The purpose of pre-made fans is for the lash artist to decrease lashing time and cater to more clients, by decreasing application time.

Some lash artists feel guilty about using a premade fans, worrying that it makes them less of a lash artist. However, we are here to tell you that premade fans have been invented for the purpose of bridging the gap for beginner lash artists to offer more voluminous techniques to their clients, without necessarily having learned the skill of hand making volume fans.

A lot of clients prefer for lash artists to use premade fans, since it dramatically cuts down their appointment time, yet having the same effect of a beautiful full lash set. This innovation is here, and its' not going anywhere, it does not make someone a better or worse lash artist if they choose to use innovations that have migrated to the market of lash extensions, in fact it makes them smart.



Yes, in my opinion, when you are still starting and mastering the skills of creating your own lash fans, this would be a good alternative. Premade fans will save you time, especially for the beginner lash artist and allows them to offer their clients looks that are a little more extravagant, like a hybrid, volume, and mega volume.

Premade fans are just like a regular lashes, they should be applied correctly so it will not harm the natural lashes of your clients. Obviously the same rules of diameter of the fan and weight application should be considered, in order to lash your clients lashes safely. 

When practicing how to make your volume set, it will be costly especially when you are still starting on this journey. Remember, at this point of your career when you wanted to get as many clients as you can then premade are a great solution, since they offer lash artists some variety of sets they can offer their clients, as well as improving the speed of the appointment.

This is just alternative to our lash artist who are just beginning their lash career. It is still advisable for lash artists to keep practicing creating hand made fans.

However, it can take from 2 months - 6 months to learn this skill set, and lash clients are not willing to wait for their lash artist to learn to do volume lashes, they want them when they want them.

When using premade fans, you can assure your clients, that they get consistent lash fans that are perfectly made, however, the downside would be is that they'll will be lesser chance of customizing the look of your clients. 

There are some myth going around that using premade fans are bad for your lashes. That they are heavy and will absolutely damage your lashes.

Actually, it will only destroy your lashes if they are not properly attached. They are a lot of length and dimension for the clients to choose from so it will not be too heavy for them. The customization is getting more and more extensive.

For example, we now offer 3D-10D premade fans in various curls. There will be L and M curls in premade fans available in the coming months. Therefore, at the fast pace the lash industry is evolving and improving and there's no reason to not make use of amazing innovations that are available for lash artists to save time.



Premade fans are attached to the natural lashes just like classic lashes, they are applied to each individual lashes of your clients. If property done, they look amazing, and its absolutely undistinguishable from regular hand-made fans.

Premade fans should feel lightweight and your clients natural lashes should remain healthy.



Volume Lash Extensions Pre-made 6D Fans is a must-try product for your lash needs.




Our beautifully crafted, high-quality Volume Lash Extensions Pre-made 6D Fans will allow you to fulfill your clients’ dreams of wispy, full lashes in half the time!

You don’t need to spend hours making the perfect fan for your client, we have already done it for you. All you need to do is grab the premade fans from the tray and apply it to the clients’ lashes!

premade fans

ThousandLashes pre made fans eyelash extensions are amazing for easy application of volume eyelash extensions.

  • They’re heat bonded, latex-free, and uniquely designed to deliver exceptional volume and fullness.
  • They can be used to create a natural, full, or dramatic look based on the thickness of the fan-selected.
  • If you desire a more natural look, purchase the 6D or 6C. If you’re going for a more dramatic style, select the 10D.
  • Great symmetry and perfect distance between each fan



  • With 6D Russian Pre-Made Volume Fans, applying lashes only takes half the time.
  • With every lash you apply, you get the look of applying 6 lashes.
  • Suitable for clients who don’t have a lot of natural lashes, for fuller and more dramatic effect.
  • Crafted from a gentle black lash fiber to give an elegant volume effect without looking too fake
  • Available in C, D curls
  • Metallic foil on the back
  • Single and mix trays available
  • Different types of volume: 6D 6C 10D
  • Pre-bonded heat bonded with the micro amount of glue for stronger hold of the fan
  • 400 fans in a tray (~2 clients per tray)

premade fans



    • ThousandLashes pre made fans eyelash extensions are made of high-quality Korean silk.
    • They are so light and comfortable. Baking technology was added to make the curvature more durable and softer.
    • Perfect for making Russian volume fuller look set.

    premade fans



    • We use a unique double Heat-Bonded method to ensure an ultra light-weight lash without compromising strength and Ultra-thin base.
    • The pre-made fans don’t easy to fall apart or separate when picked up by the lash artist.
    • Suitable for beginner professional lash artists, and lash artists looking to save some time since the fans are already pre-made all you need to worry about is applying them on your clients.
    • Black Matte in color, no blue hue visible on the lashes. Lashes undergo a special process in order to ensure the lashes do not lose their curl after application.
    • Size: 6D D and C curl 0.07  Mixed lengths. Total of 240 volume fans in one box. This volume lash extensions were made in a sterile, dust-free environment. It is hypoallergenic and does not irritate your client’s eyes.
    • All our products are vegan and cruelty-free. These expertly crafted lashes are made from sustainably sourced materials, we care about our planet.

    premade fans


    Promade fans are fans made by the lash artist without the help of the machinery, this makes them absolutely 100% hand-made. Some lash artist are making this prior to their clients appointments. They are not perfectly identical like the premade fans are, since there is human error that occurs.

    The promade fans also come in a box, they are loose, and not attached to a sticky strip like the premade fans are. This can take a little more time, since its important to remove them from the box and place them on a gel pad in order to start using them. Most lash artists use a box for storing the promade fans.

    You can get more clients when you use promade fans prior to your appointment and will absolutely lessen the hand tension. Because you don't have to be in a hurry when you do this ahead of time. 

    It all depends on the strategy of the lash artist, which one will be convenient for her. Promade fans are used by lash artist that enjoy fans that are already ready to go in a loose format.

    Promade fans are less expensive than premade fans, since one box comes with 500 pre-made fans. Each box has single lengths, so if a lash artist likes to work with multiple lengths, which is usually the case, it is advisable to purchase a few lengths and curls to have on hand for perfect mapping.

    Promade fans are made by lash artists.



    promade fans



    • Promade volume fans in the box, 480-520 fans per box
    • C, D Curls
    • Material: pro-silk lashes, soft, matte back
    • Selection of 9mm-15mm length
    • Each box is one size and curl, NO MIX BOX
    • Light glue bonding at the bases, very lightweight.
    • Offer a fluffy, featherlight, matte black finish

    promade fans



    I am using both actually, it all depends on the situation. What works for me might not  work for you. As a lash artist, we wanted to work efficiently and at the same time give quality lash look to our clients. Because at the end of the day, we wanted to make our clients satisfied with our work.  



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