Eyelash Extension License Requirements in Texas

Eyelash Extension License Requirements in Texas

Have you just been doing lashes of your friends and family members? Ever thought of stepping up and be certified to offer this service?

Don’t worry, dear! We have been all there, browsing posts on Instagram of those artists with lovely lashes work. I also love watching tutorials on YouTube.

I got so inspired and wanted to be like them too. You are excited to be part of the lash community. You do so much research to get to know more about the career you are about to join in.

Ever felt you have got so much information yet you still got confused about how to start? Worry no more my future lash sisters, we, at ThousandLashes is dedicated to helping the aspiring lash artist to start their journey on this industry.

Are you ready to become a lash artist? If so, please continue reading and learn more about eyelash extension certification requirements! Anyone from Texas who is preparing to offer lash extension once we all back to normal?

According to Cosmetology Administrative Rules, the following words and terms, when used in this chapter, shall have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

(13) Eyelash Extension Application–The process of applying and removing a semi-permanent, thread-like, natural or synthetic single fiber to an eyelash, including cleansing of the eye area and lashes prior to applying and after removing extensions.

(14) Eyelash Extension Specialist–A person who holds a specialty license and who is authorized to practice the service defined in Texas Occupations Code §1602.002(a)(10).

(15) Esthetician–A person who holds a specialty license and who is authorized to practice the services defined in Texas Occupations Code §1602.002(a)(4) – (7) and (10). The term esthetician in this chapter includes the term facialist.

License Requirements – Individuals

To be eligible for an eyelash extension specialty license an applicant must:

(1) submit a completed application on a department-approved form;

(2) pay the fee required under §83.80;

(3) be at least 17 years of age;

(4) have obtained a high school diploma, or the equivalent of a high school diploma, or have passed a valid examination administered by a certified testing agency that measures the person’s ability to benefit from training; and

(A) have satisfactorily completed 320 hours of instruction in a department-approved eyelash extension application training program; and

(B) pass a written and practical examination required under §83.21.

License Requirements – Examination

(a) To be eligible for a department examination, an examinee must:

(1) submit a completed license application on a department-approved form;

(2) pay the applicable license fee under §83.80; and

(3) have completed the number of hours required under this chapter and the Act.

(b) A student enrolled in a 1,000-hour program is eligible to take the written examination when the department receives proof of the student’s completion of 900 operator hours.

(c) Applicants must pass the written examination before being eligible to take the practical examination.

(d) When appearing for an examination, the examinee shall bring the instruments necessary to give a practical demonstration of cosmetology services or a practical demonstration of the services distinctive to his or her specialty.

(e) All department examinations consist of a written and practical part. A passing grade of 70 on each part is needed to satisfy the examination requirement.

(f) To be admitted to an examination, the examinee must present a current, valid government-issued photo identification, which includes the applicant’s full name and date of birth.

(g) Examinees are required to wear closed-toe shoes for practical examination.

(h) Models used in an examination are required to be at least 16 years of age. The department may require parental approval for models under 18 years of age.

Responsibilities of Beauty Salons, Mini-Salons, Specialty Salons, Dual Shops, Mini-Dual Shops, and Booth Rentals.

(5) eyelash extension salons shall provide the following equipment for each licensee present and providing services:

(A) one facial bed or massage table that allows the consumer to lie completely flat;

(B) one lamp; and

(C) one stool or chair.

Responsibilities of Beauty Culture Schools

(12) If offering the eyelash extension curriculum standards; the following equipment must be available in adequate number for student use:

(A) facial bed or massage table that allows the consumer to lie completely flat;

(B) stool or chair;

(C) lamp;

(D) mannequin head;

(E) wet disinfectant soaking containers; and

(F) dry sanitizer.

Eyelash Extensions Training Programs

My piece of advice, better get a license, you want to have that peace of mind while you are doing what you love. With repercussions like fines or worse. It’s better to be safe while we are dealing with our future clients.

If you are licensed, keep reading to learn more about those important steps!

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