Tips On How To Make More Money As A Lash Artist

How do lash artists make money? How do lash artists get more clients? The pandemic dramatically affected everyone, and the lash industry was also got tremendously affected. Due to this year's pandemic, most lash artists steadily declined clients coming to get their lashes done.

As lash artists, we need to be innovative and find ways to get extra profit for our lash business. There are many ways to make more money as a lash artist and beauty professional.

How do lash artists make money? 

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Making money as a lash artist can be tricky. There are many strategies that you can employ to ensure that you make the maximum amount possible. 

We will give you many tips on how to scale your business as a lash artist, and hopefully, this will help you get through this pandemic in running your lash business successfully. 


1. Upscale Your Skills

When you're beginning your lash journey, you offer the same basic lash set: classic lashes. It truly is a great start, but if you want to make more money as a lash artist, it's essential to upgrade your lash skills as soon as you feel ready to do so. 

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I know this might be an additional expense, but I assure you that take this as an investment. You will indeed be able to stand out from your competition.

When you have already mastered a basic classic lash set, it's about time to learn a new skill set, hybrid, volume, mega volume, and wispy lash set.

Remember, clients love variety, and they are willing to pay more for a lash artist who can offer them a variety of lash sets. It's like going to a restaurant, and you would instead go to a restaurant that has a variety of food options, then going to a restaurant that only has a few options on the menu. The same goes with lash extensions. A client will prefer to commit to a lash artist that can offer a different lash set. Clients do not like to change their beauty professionals, and they want to go to the same one. Therefore, for your lash client to commit to you, it helps to have a variety of looks in your portfolio because the client never knows when she may feel like trying mega volume or colored lashes.

Do this gradually, go to training one step at a time. It's always good practice to put away at least 5% a year on training that you want to do as a beauty professional. Remember, when you can offer more value, you can already increase your pricing. You can search for local training in your area, and online training is also beneficial because it allows you to learn a skill in your own home.


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2. Upsell Your Other Lash Set

A client goes to your salon asking for a classic, be proactive and maybe offer a hybrid or mega volume, or wispy lash set, tell them about the benefits and the beauty if can add on their overall look
Some clients DO NOT know about other lash sets, and they would be perfectly excited and happy to upgrade to another lash set if they knew about it. Educate your clients and empower them. It is the best gift you can give them and yourself.

Upselling would be helpful for you to upgrade their lash set from classic to wispy, which of course, will be a higher price and an apparent reason for having extra profit on your own.

You can also upsell your client on another service you offer. For example, offer them a facial with the purchase of a lash set for 30 % OFF. This strategy works best if you provide a discount with an expiry date. Scarcity is significant here.

Use your charisma when talking to your clients in sales; this is crucial because your clients will not remember what you said to them, but they will remember how you made them feel, so always make them feel fantastic around you so they will want to come back for more services.

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How to upsell to your eyelash extensions?

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3. Selling Products 

My struggles looking for lash products are accurate and took years. I had to look for vendors that passed my standards as a lash artist. Products that I would be producing to recommend to my lash artists friends. 

I had wasted money, time, and efforts before I decided to create products that would be quality-tested by my team. It is an excellent avenue to make some additional income as a lash artist, but this avenue takes much more time and finances than the other avenues.

If you are not ready yet to start your product line, that's fine, and because you need to have enough funds, the expenses can be pretty high to create your line.

You can start selling aftercare kits, lash foams and lash wands. It will be a good start that you can recommend to your clients. When recommending these products, educate them about the benefits of their aftercare routine, and that's when you will tell them which products to use and sell them their aftercare kits directly.

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Aside from displaying it in your shop or salon, you can be aggressive in doing your marketing. Everything is online now, and digital marketing is the latest trend on making your lash business out there and letting people know that you are selling lash products aside from eyelash extension services.

Social media marketing for lash artists is fantastic. If you are NOT yet using social media platforms to sell your lash services and products, it's time to start.

In our case, we are giving out free education for lash artists and educating lash artists on various products and tips they can use in their daily practice.

Promoting your services or products on social media can be profitable if done correctly. Take advantage of this NOW. The cost of FB and Instagram ads will only continue getting more and more expensive. There's no better time to improve your social media presence and start getting more clients.

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When done correctly, an easy-to-follow step can upscale your online presence, and it will start building your community online of prospective clients.

People might think it's just an easy-peasy thing of just posting on Instagram, but there are certain things to follow and remember, and again, if done correctly, your business will benefit from this.
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4. Be A Mentor

You already know everything there is to know about the lash company, and you are confident in your ability to run it. If you are sure enough, you can consider mentoring other lash artists.

As our way of giving back to our community for supporting us, we are more focused on giving free education to each of you rather than selling our products; we try to provide you with as much free information as possible. Still, we also put together more extensive, more complete, and detailed courses for a reasonable price. We want to make our education and tips available and affordable for most lash artists.

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5. Offer Other Services

I love to go to a place where I can make my hair done, nails done—a one-stop shop. You can also learn other services, micro-blading, nail spa, hair salon, facial, and waxing. Keep in mind that you want to increase your average order value with each client that walks through your doors, as you don't want to waste any valuable dollars on marketing. 

 What other services can I offer as a lash Tech?

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I hope you find these helpful tips beneficial for you. Again, these are trial and error that I had to experience for the last few years. Finally, it takes time to learn how to promote your eyelash extension services online.

As long as you are ready to learn new things, open for new opportunities, and have the attitude of a “can-do” outlook, then you are on the right track on reaching your goal to become the lash artist that you ever dreamed of while getting paid what you deserve.

To all of you reading this, a kind reminder: It is not an overnight success. There will be rejection, failure, and frustration but bear in mind that you got this and believe that you wanted this so bad that you will do whatever it takes to succeed in this industry.

Upon reading this blog post, if you have any additional info or tips that you wanted to add that you might think will be beneficial to all, feel free to write in the comment section.

Let us continue to build a community of helpful lash artists who are always willing to extend their helping hands.


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