Eyelash Extensions: ThousandLashes Year 2020 Vision

Happy new year to our lash community and to our dear clients. It has been a challenging yet fulfilling year for our team.

Eyelash Extensions ThousandLashes Year 2020 Vision
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We are grateful for all that happened last year as it made us more stronger that ever. Let me just review our 2019 for all the achievements and lessons that we have learnt from the year that passed.

We have launched new lash products that most of you adored and helped you create beautiful works. Thank you and we have been part of your everyday lash sessions.


Janna, CEO/Founder of ThousandLashes came up with the idea of making an Online Wispy Training Course, wherein lash artists from any parts of the world can learn this technique.

Wispy Lashes

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The idea was well loved by the lash artists that we received massive inquiries and enrollees all over the world.

She made it easier for everyone to understand that most people thought that its a complicated technique. She created the Wispy Lashes Training Ebook that she made it absolutely FREE for everyone to download.

Wispy Lashes Ebook



We have officially launched our Thousandlashes Lash Artist Facebook Support Group. Our goal to make an avenue for all the artists to connect with the community who can give them the support that they need.

As we always say, we are still a work in progress. We are continuously improving our work. We made mistakes, we had our fair share of shortcomings in dealing with clients, our products, but this is part of who we are.


We never stop learning, never in our mind to stop looking for new ways to serve you better. We are looking forward for a better and clearer year of clear vision year.


Please do watch out for our new products in the coming months, we made them affordable yet of high quality.

More learnings and trainings to come. We are scheduled for trainings to learn new skills and we will surely share them all with you.

What we can guarantee that we will not change is the fact that we will always be here no matter what happen and we will continuously support you and guide you all the best way we can be.

2020, we are so ready for you! Bring it on and our lash community will absolutely rock you!


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ThousandLashes team will do our best to service you with our high-quality products and best service.




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