How to apply pre made lashes?

You don’t need to spend hours making the perfect fan for your client, we have already done it for you! All you need to do is grab the fan from the tray and apply it to the clients’ lashes!

Pre-made Application

When applying pre-made fans, they are applied to each of your clients individual lashes, the same way you would apply classic lashes. With proper care, your clients lash extension can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Pre-made fans are multiple fine lashes bonded together. 

They should feel lightweight and your clients natural lashes should remain healthy.

Many lash artists have shed tears of frustration when learning volume- and its understandable. 
Oftentimes when something is complicated, there will be companies offering a “short cut”- such as a product that bypasses all the hard work and time spent practicing altogether.  However we truly believe that there is space in the lash industry for pre- made fans, since they truly provide an. amazing benefit.

What are Pre-made Lashes?

Pre-made Lashes are fans that have already been created for you. It was placed into a tray ready to pick up and use. Pre-made lashes are not to be mistaken with clustered lashes.

  • A pre-made fan is a group of anywhere from 2 to 8 lashes that have been glued or heat bonded together at the base.
  • The idea behind pre-made fans is that a lash artist can save time by not creating fans by hand 
  • The act of fusing the lashes together adds bulk to the base of the fan.
  • When dipped in adhesive, the base becomes even bulkier.

Just like any other type of lashes, the damage will only happen if you are applying them in the wrong way, and not taking notice of how heavy the fans are.
They are made to be applied using the same method as you would apply individual classic lashes. Good isolation and minimal glue mean the risk of damage will be significantly reduced for your clients.

Many lash stylists are understandably against the use of pre-made fans, as they have practiced thousands of hours and spent dollars toward perfecting the craft of creating volume fans by hand. They attach to the natural lash in the same way that a classic or semi-permanent volume lash does.

Every lash technician has their own, style of making volume lash fans which means that the quality can be great, or it can also be mediocre.  Pre-made volume lash fans are always consistent, this way your clients will always get the perfectly consistent lashes even if the lash artist's fan making skills in your salon are not perfect.

However, there is a place in this industry for pre-made lash fans because our industry is quickly evolving and we are always looking for a better way to do something we are doing less efficiently. 

For lash stylists who are only just starting out on their volume lash journey, pre-made fans are an excellent way to bridge the gap between classic and handmade volume.

It absolutely saves time for the beginner lash artist and allows them to offer their clients looks that are a little more extravagant, like a hybrid, volume, and mega volume. Furthermore, volume sets typically cost more money, therefore it often makes sense for the beginner or even intermediate lash artists to actually use pre-made fans in order to book more clients and charge more for sets.

Seasoned lash artists sometimes use pre-made fans just to save time when they are booked up, and need a more efficient way to do their lash set.

The Drawback

One of the biggest drawbacks I can think of is the fact that pre-made fans don’t allow for as much customization in your lash art. The way I see it, it is much harder to customize your lash fans according to your client’s request.

There are long leg lash fans and short leg lash fans lash artists can choose from. Since the fans are already made, a lash artist can not for example make the fans more narrow. However that is not changing and there are going to be narrow fans and wide fans available for purchase in the near future.

It is also not possible to easily adjust the number of fans the lash artist will use, from a 3D to a 6 D for example, since the fans are already complete. However much more customization is becoming available in this area as well. More options of fans from 2D to 20D are actually now available.

The other drawback is the cost, they typically cost more then handmade fans. It is cheaper to make your own fans, however it also takes much more time.

Some lash artists also claim that pre-made fans retention is slightly worse then handmade fans. This is debatable, and can depend on the artist. However, one of the main reasons for this can be because of the fact that pre made fans cant be 

A lot of clients don’t necessarily care about if the lash artist makes her own fans or uses pre-made fans, they are about getting in and out quickly and making sure their lashes last. There will be some clients that might care about having your personal creative touch, for those clients you may need.

However, in the near future, I strongly believe we will have more custom options available since there is a great demand for this product. The beauty industry is advancing with great speed, and pre-made fans are becoming more and more perfect.

How To Choose Pre-made Lash Fans
Applying volume lash extensions are like mastering sculpture. Unlike classic lashing where the application is one-to-one, the volume lash extension application is a delicate balance act performed between multiple lashes. 
It is an act that involves weight, diameter, and length—not to mention creating a perfect fan that must be carefully picked up and wrapped around the natural lash.

What are the advantages of Pre-made Fans?

  • Time-saving: For clients that want a fast treatment, pre-made fans are much quicker to apply. 
  • Ease: Pre-made fans make lashing easier for lash artists who aren’t used to volume techniques.


Volume Lash Extensions Pre-made 6D Fans is a must-try product for your lash needs. 

Our beautifully crafted, high-quality Volume Lash Extensions Pre-made 6D Fans will allow you to fulfill your clients’ dreams of wispy, full lashes in half the time!

You don’t need to spend hours making the perfect fan for your client, we have already done it for you! All you need to do is grab the fan from the tray and apply it to the clients’ lashes!

ThousandLashes pre-made fans are amazing for easy application of volume eyelash extensions. They’re heat bonded, latex-free, and uniquely designed to deliver exceptional volume and fullness.

  • They can be used to create a natural, full, or dramatic look based on the thickness of the fan-selected.
  • If you desire a more natural look, purchase the 6D or 6C. If you’re going for a more dramatic style, select the 10D.
  • Great symmetry and perfect distance between each fan

Pre-made 10D Fans will allow you to fulfill your clients’ dreams of wispy, full lashes in half the time!


  • This is something lash artists know better than anyone else.
  • Did you know that your clients are happy to pay more for treatment if they can have it in less time?
  • Our Volume Lash Extensions Pre-made 10D Fans are there to reduce the time for both, the client and for the artist.
  • With more free time on your hands, you can fit more clients in a day or, put your feet up and catch up on that episode you didn’t finish the other day!
  • The best part is this is all whilst earning more money with the time you saved!


How to pick up the premade volume fans?

1. The best practice is to grab 0.5-1.5mm part from the bottom of the fan. Following this pull the fan up.

2. Never attempt to pick up the top of the fans 

3. Never attempt to pick up only a few lashes from one of the sides

4. Don't pull them backward, since they will fall apart.


What is the best lash adhesive for pre-made lashes?

Its important to remember that the best type of adhesive for pre-made lashes is one that is of a thinner viscosity.  An adhesive with a thicker viscosity would create a thicker base. You want to avoid having lashes that are not clean looking, with too much glue at the base. The best is to have an adhesive that will provide that nice clean finish. It's best to use a small amount of adhesive, in micro drops, this will ensure that you still get a nice retention and your work looks seamless.