How to get new clients for free?

Getting new clients for free? Have you tried all the marketing strategy and still nothing really works? There are so many paid ways on how to market your services.

You can post online through your social media platforms. Paid advertisement, you can also make brochures and join events.


I have some ways that you can use to have clients for free. Yes, you heard it so right, absolutely FREE! How? It’s quite simple.

Your most satisfied clients will be your best marketing tools. They will absolutely advertise you to whoever they know. You will be the topic of their talk.

How are you going to achieve it? You have to make sure that you give your clients the best services ever and let them know that you value them.

Always remember that it’s very important the “quality over quantity”. You actually need few clients at the beginning, but treat them as your VIP clients.

They will clamour with the quality of your work. People will know and see it on their lashes. Moreover they will listen to their friends or family members who actually tried and tested your services.

Don’t rush work, make them feel that you value them and you will do all your best to give them a fabulous work.

Beside that make a personal connection and make them feel more comfortable in having you as their lash artist. Make suggestions on how to make their lashes more beautiful.

Before they go out of your salon, make sure to hand them your calling card so it’ll be handy just in case whoever will be interested to get your service.

Give your clients an above and beyond kind of treatment and they will surely make your business successful!

As a lash artist,it’s important to update your skills, and learn new techniques in order to offer them to your customers.

Our whispy online course is a great way to advance your knowledge as a lash artist.


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