How to Make Volume Fans

As a lash artist, you need to be able to have skills on how to create your own lash fans. It’s a skills that we need to master as a lash artist.
It may seems easy as it is, but honestly, it takes a lot of technique and patience on how to see consistently looking fans. In this blog, I will be sharing you some tips on how to create flawless fans that I learned all through out my career as a lash artist.
What is a pinch method?
This is a great method to be used by beginner when you are practicing to do a volume fans. Make sure to have the best tweezers that is comfortable for you to use and grip. 
Grab your eyelash extension and apply pressure on your tweezers with heavy firm grip to prevent from losing any lash extension. 
Using your thumb and index finger run through pinch the base and make sure to keep your tweezers completely tight. 
After pinching the base, release pressure on the tweezers and tip your fans on your adhesive. 
How to prevent lash fans from collapsing?
Do your lash fans fall apart when you take them with your tweezers? Why does this happen? Most outrun it’s because your lash tweezers is too tight and rigid and you are holding it too tight.
What can you do?
What I do is release the tweezes lightly and dip the leg of the fans into the lash glue. What happens in that case? The fan comes together. Additional top for good retention, make sure that when applying the eyelash extension, you have well-attached eyelash extension.
An eyelash extension placed with poor placement has a small chance for survival. We want the eyelash extension and the base of the natural lash to lay flat on one another. This will ensure a secure connection and longer lasting extensions.
It’s not always your adhesive that causing premature fall out, it can be that the attachment wasn’t right.
How to make fans with shorter lengths?
For inner corners and shorter lashes it’s best practice to always use shorter lengths such as 4mm-5mm-6mm. Ideally. This will ensure a more uniform lash set, and ensure that your clients lash integrity remains intact.
Long and heavy lashes will damage your clients lashes and won’t look as nice. Therefore, always keep this in mind.

How do I become better at volume? How can I get perfect lash sets for volume? As you can see my first lash fans were good from far, but far from good.

It might be frustrating at times that you will not have a perfect looking lash fans and I am telling you that it's okay. I would always reassure you that doing your own fans takes time to master. 

Be easy on yourself, with consistent practice and patience, you will surely have the result of the kind of fans that you are aiming for.  

These are the lashes that I am using to practice making fans and so far I am enjoying it. 

Volume Single Length Lashes

Cashmere Volume Chloe Lashes. Highest Quality Volume lashes made with non-stick and super soft silk fiber, 16 lines tray. No matter what style your client desires, they’ll receive the perfect look for them, since these lashes are very easy to customize with 3D-15D fans.

Short Lashes Length 0.05 C Mix 5-6-7mm

Our silk lashes are an ultra black lash extension with a Cashmere finishing. These lash trays were specifically formulated in order to be used in the inner corners, on shorter lashes as well as bottom lashes. Lashes are nicely spread on the stripe which helps to build your fans faster.

To all our newbies out there, please know that you are basically starting, there are plenty of times to practice. However, you also have to take note that you have to do it consistently. 

Please note that you have to familiarize yourself with the kind of tweezers you are going to use to make your fans, the kind of lashes and other lash products needed. 

It's like getting to know them, so you can obviously work well together. 

There are a lot of tutorials around the internet, I felt that the new generation of lash artists are luckier in terms of the fact that resources are readily made available online, unlike during my time that we need to have a mentor or learn on our own. 

I would also suggest that if you have the budget for training, by all means go for a proper training, tips and tricks will be taught during the training and it will also enhance your skills.