How To Pick The Right Eyelash Tweezers

How do you pick tweezers for eyelash extensions? Which tweezers are best for volume lashes? Where is sweet spot on tweezers? How do you hold eyelash tweezers?

How to pick the right eyelash tweezers?

Ultra Crystal Bond, Promade FansPrecision Volume 90º TweezerStraight Isolation Tweezer, and Hydro-gel Under Eye Patches used in this set. To shop, please click here.


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Tweezers are lash artists number 1 tool essential in their arsenal in creating beautiful lash sets.  So how can a beginner lash artist find herself a perfect tweezer?

Having the right tools is crucial for doing great work. The improper tweezers can create not only delays in your work, but also pain in the short and long term.

As a beginner, I struggled so much to find the right tweezers when I was starting my journey in the lash industry. My tweezers were not functioning and I had no idea what’s happening. I couldn’t understand what were the important characteristics of a good tweezer. I eventually persisted and tried multiple brands, and eventually found the winning combination

I finally chose to begin my own lash supply company because I wanted to help other lash artists who were having trouble finding the right tweezers.

This is an image to show you how to hold the tweezers in the best possible way and where your hands should be placed.

How do you hold eyelash tweezers?


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First of all, Lash artists, you must remember when you are on the hunt for lash tweezers: You will get what you pay for.

There are tweezers that are affordable, but please don’t go the cheap route. I promise you, there are affordable but of high-quality tweezers.

Don't skimp on the quality of your daily lash tool to save money. The most crucial thing to look for in extension tweezers is quality.

What are the best eyelash tweezers?

Chloe Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.


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I strongly advise searching for medical-grade steel while shopping for high-quality products. Stainless steel sterilizes, does not rust, and is extremely durable!

Yet beware: I've come across some professional companies who claim their tweezers are made of medical-grade steel, but they corroded! 

Your eyelash tweezers will be your friend so better get purchase it from a reputable company that you trust with the quality. I recommend looking for a company that offers refunds in case the tweezers are of poor quality and don’t function to your liking.

Many PRO lash artists are using different tweezers for different sets, and different parts of their job. For example, on the inner corners some lash artists only like to work with the short boot lash tweezer, meanwhile, while working on classic sets they will use an isolation tweezer and a curved dolphin tweezer.

What are lash tweezers made from?

L Curl LashesUltra Crystal BondMarlowe Tweezer and Malachi Tweezer used in this set. To shop, please click here.


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When it's heavy, your wrist will most likely become fatigued and stressed. Imagine getting hand fatigue five or more times a day. If you see a lot of clients in a day, this isn't a good idea. This is why I highly advocate for a very light ergonomic design; believe me when I say you will thank me.

Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Straight Isolation TweezerPrecision Volume 90º TweezerHydro-gel Under Eye PatchesUltra Crystal Bond, and Premade Fans used in this set. To shop, please click here.


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How can I extend the life of my eyelash extensions?

You finally found your dream tweezers. That’s great! now you should make sure that they last.

  • Do not use the same tweezers for the thin lash extensions(like ~0.07mm) and for the thicker lash extensions. Using tweezers for thicker lashes requires less tension on the tweezer.
  • Use a tweezer cleaner or eyelash adhesive remover to remove the stain. Clean off any excess lash glue before storing them away.
  • Keep the tweezers in the enclosed tweezer case.
  • Sanitize and disinfect your tools effectively.


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Eyelash Tweezers that I am using are from Thousandlashes


5 of our most popular lash tweezers are now available to purchase in this bundle.


Professional Eyelash Tweezers

Short Tip Boot Lash TweezerIsolation 45º Lash TweezerPrecision Volume 90º TweezerStraight Isolation Tweezer and L Shape Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.



This tweezer is recommended for 2D – 6D Volume with 0.06, 0.07, and 0.10 mm lashes. The light grip makes it easy to hold lash fans in place while applying lashes. Great for beginners to volume lashing as they allow for great control and are on the thicker side.

Short Tip Book Lash Tweezer

Shop now for Short Tip Book Lash Tweezer>>



Created with a precise tip, this isolation tweezer is 45 degrees and has a thin tip for perfect isolation. They are really good for using to isolate those difficult inner corners because of the 45-degree angle, they allow the lash artist to reach the difficult lashes with ease.

Isolation 45º Lash Tweezer

Shop now for Isolation 45º Lash Tweezer>>



This lash tweezer has a non-slip hand grip and works well if you are used to working with this 90-degree Volume tweezer. Suitable for volume lash work. The L tips of the whole boot are lay flush, close completely. Features the sharpest point and precision and it helps to make both narrow and wide fans.

Precision Volume 90º Tweezer

Shop now for Precision Volume 90º Tweezer>>



This 4 1/4-inch sharp tip isolation tweezer features a thin, lightweight precision tip, providing excellent pick up for classic or pre-made fan pick up.

Straight Isolation Tweezer

Shop now for Straight Isolation Tweezer>>



This tweezer is an excellent tool for making handmade volume fans as well as picking up and attaching them. The L-shaped tweezer is perfect for working with mega volume as well as volume lash sets.

L Shape Tweezer

Shop now for L Shape Tweezer>>




Thousandlashes Purple Plasma Tweezers Kit 6-in-1 package! We have combined these 6 tweezers that you’ll surely love.

Best Eyelash Tweezers

Elodie Tweezer, Laila Tweezer, Chloe Tweezer, Marlowe Tweezer, Azara Tweezer and Malachi Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.



Its 45-degree angle allows lash artists to easily and effortlessly isolate the most difficult of lashes.

Elodie Tweezer

Shop now for Elodie Tweezer>>



This tweezer is incredibly versatile, we recommend you use it as a secret weapon in your tweezer arsenal for isolation.

Laila Tweezer

Shop now for Laila Tweezer>>



This 90-degree tweezer is amazing for light volume and regular volume work. It has incredible grip and precision. This tweezer is NOT recommended for Mega volume techniques.

Chloe Tweezer

Shop now for Chloe Tweezer>>



This tweezer is an incredibly useful and powerful tweezer for volume and mega volume techniques.

Marlowe Tweezer

Shop now for Marlowe Tweezer>>



This tweezer is the traditional straight tweezer needed for isolation. Additionally, it is perfect for removing lash strips from the case, and all the other tasks you shouldn’t use your volume tweezers for.

Azara Tweezer

Shop now for Azara Tweezer>>



This gorgeous mama is not your regular curved tweezer, what makes it extra special is the fact that it’s truly a universal tweezer that works wonderfully with classic as well as volume techniques. Great tweezer to use for the pinching technique.

Malachi Tweezer

Shop now for Malachi Tweezer>>


best eyelash tweezers for isolation

Here are so many tweezers around and using the right tool will definitely improve your isolation skills. Let me show you some of our tweezers that will further enhance your skills.

Eyelash Tweezers For Isolation

Straight Isolation Tweezer, Azara Tweezer, Malachi Tweezer and Isolation Volume Lash Tweezer used here. To shop, please click here.



At the end of the day, you should get along with your tweezer’s, the right tweezers will cause less hand tension and you can perform your lash sets without hand fatigue.


Watch this lash extension tutorial video and learn more on how do you hold eyelash tweezers.


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How To Hold Your Lash Tweezer Correctly?: Take a look at this YouTube video and learn the proper way on how to hold your eyelash tweezers.


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