How To Raise Your Eyelash Extensions Price Without Losing Customers?

A common question to any lash business is when should you increase eyelash prices? How to raise your lash extension prices without losing customers? In any changes, there will be pros and cons to this.

Eyelash Extensions Price

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There are things to consider when raising your prices. Remember that changes should be gradual.



Careful planning is a must when one considers raising your prices. Your reason may be the increase with the rental fees (if you’re renting a salon area), lash products, cost of living, maybe improvements with your lash area and all enhancement necessary.



Once you come up with the reason and the updated pricing, make sure to be firm with your decision. You don’t literally need to explain the detailed reason for this increase.


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With the increase that you are planning, you will expect that you will lose customers, but then, you will surely win some that are really after your service than your pricing.

I always believe that the right customers will come regardless of how much you charge them.



Yes, you got the increase that you wanted, but then, you have to make sure that the increase is going to be worth it. Maybe a better lash area, quality lash products that will make the price change understandable.


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Make sure to give your clients an above and beyond kind of service. The increase will be worth it for the customers when they realize that you are giving them a quality service equates to what they are paying for.



When I am starting my lash journey, I always consider so many things when to increase my fees. I made sure that I improve my skills for me to be a better lash artist to my clients and to give them a better service. The very reason why I came up with training that I can also help other lash artists to improve themselves.

Lash Extensions Price

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One of my reason for a change with the fees is the improvement in my area. I also made sure that my lash area was comfortable enough for my clients to feel relaxed. I have used high-quality products for their lash extensions.

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