How to remove eyelash extensions?

A successful lash removal is a skill any lash artist needs to master. This is an important part of being a great lash artist. You will often have clients requesting a brand new set of eyelashes coming from other lash artists, or because they simply want to try a new style of eyelash extensions.

Being able to perform a lash removal without damaging your clients’ natural lashes, and within the clients’ comfort is vital. You need to have the proper products in order to achieve a successful remover of those eyelash extensions.






We are only using the best products to ensure no natural lashes will be harmed during the removal. Our gel remover is a safe way to remove unwanted lash extensions from the client’s eyes.

  • Once applied, the gel remover breaks down the adhesive bonds, allowing lash extensions to slip off gently, causing no stress to the natural lash.
  • Apply over the lash extensions generously and let sit for 90 seconds.
  • Gently wipe lash extensions off with a micro swab.
  • Rinse well after removal.
  • The formula is easy to control and won’t run into your clients’ eyes when applied.
  • It should be kept at room temperature.
  • Do not put it in the fridge.
  • We suggest washing the eyelashes after with a lash shampoo in order to remove any extra residue and wiping the eyes with lint-free wipes.
  • Once the lashes are dry you can start your FULL set or your refill.

Watch our video on how our gel remover does its magic:

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Another tip, how to keep your remover from getting contaminated:

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Note to our dear clients:

We understand you have been dying to see your last artist, please don’t remove your eyelash extensions on your own. It might cause harm to your natural lashes.