How To Start Your Own Lash Extension Business

Starting your own lash extension business is a fantastic way to enter the beauty industry. Here's a straightforward guide to get you going.

How do I start my own eyelash extensions business?

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Step 1: Get Trained

Enroll in a certified lash extension course. Look for one that covers both theory and hands-on practice, like the 'Classic Lash Certification' that teaches single-strand lash application.


Step 2: Get Certified

Once you complete your course, take the certification exam. Passing this will often give you a certificate, like the 'Certified Lash Artist' credential.


Step 3: Create a Business Plan

Outline your services, pricing, and budget. For instance, decide if you'll work from home or rent a space, and list your expected costs for supplies and marketing.


Step 4: Legalize Your Business

Register your business name, like 'Lush Lashes LLC', and get any necessary business licenses and liability insurance to operate legally in your area.


Step 5: Set Up Your Workspace

If you're working from home, convert a room into a lash studio with a comfortable lash bed, good lighting, and sterile equipment. Ensure it's welcoming and clean.


Step 6: Purchase Supplies

Buy quality lash extension supplies. Your starter kit might include different lash lengths, adhesives, tweezers, eye pads, and a mannequin head for practice.


Step 7: Price Your Services

Calculate your service prices based on costs and time. For a full set of lashes, consider the cost of materials ($15), time spent (2 hours), and your desired hourly rate ($25/hour), totaling $65.


Step 8: Market Your Business

Create social media accounts like 'Lush Lashes on Instagram' and post before-and-after photos of your work. Offer opening discounts to attract your first clients.


Step 9: Practice and Portfolio

Practice your skills on friends and family and take high-quality photos of your work to create a portfolio, which you can show to potential clients.


Step 10: Manage Your Appointments

Use a scheduling tool like 'Google Calendar' to manage your bookings. Keep track of your client appointments and send reminders to reduce no-shows.


Step 11: Provide Great Service

Make sure your clients have a great experience. Offer them a comfortable lash pillow and play relaxing music during the session to ensure they leave happy.


Step 12: Ask for Reviews and Referrals

Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews or refer friends. Offer them a discount on their next service for every referral.


Step 13: Keep Learning

Stay updated with new trends and techniques by attending workshops or webinars, like the 'Advanced Volume Lash Techniques' webinar.


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How to Attract Your First Lash Clients with Smart Discount Strategies

Let's make this super straightforward.

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Step 1: Know Your Numbers

First off, figure out how much you need to make to cover your costs (like supplies and rent) and pay yourself. For example, if it costs you $20 for supplies and you want to earn $30 for your time, you need to charge at least $50.


Step 2: Decide on a Discount Rate

Choose a discount rate that makes sense for your business but still attracts customers. A common starting point is 10-20%. Let's say you go with 15%.


Step 3: Calculate the Discount

Take your regular price and apply the discount rate. If your regular price is $50, a 15% discount means you knock off $7.50 ($50 x 0.15 = $7.50).


Step 4: Set Your Discounted Price

Subtract the discount amount from your regular price. With the $7.50 discount, your discounted price is $42.50 ($50 - $7.50 = $42.50).


Step 5: Time Your Discount

Decide how long the discount will last. It could be for your first month in business or for the first 20 clients. Make it clear and stick to it.


Step 6: Promote Your Discount

Tell people about your discount. Use social media, flyers, or word of mouth. Make sure they know it's a limited-time offer to create urgency.


Sample Discount Calculation:

Original pricing:

  • Supplies: $20

  • Your time: $30

  • Total required price: $50

Discount rate: 15%

Discount amount:

  • $50 (original price) x 15% (discount rate) = $7.50 discount

Discounted price:

  • $50 (original price) - $7.50 (discount) = $42.50 final price OR you can do $45.


Step 7: Track Your Discount Success

Keep an eye on how many clients come in because of the discount and how much you're making. This will tell you if the discount works or if you need to adjust it.


Remember, discounts are a tool to attract clients when you're new. They shouldn't last forever. Once you're established, you can reduce discounts and start charging full price. Keep it simple, clear, and fair for everyone involved.



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Starting a lash extension business requires training, planning, and dedication. By following these steps and providing examples of what each step might look like, you'll be on your way to building a successful business. Keep things clear and focused, and you'll create a strong foundation for your lash business.



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