Lash Appointment Rules: Safety First At Work

What is a lash appointment? Should we go back to work or stay at home? Unfortunately, there are no good choices.

Stay home and watch whatever savings you have decreased very quickly or go to work and potentially get sick, or get someone else sock. It’s really the worst choice to make.

People are making hard decisions based on their own personal situations, and we can only have empathy for everyone, and can’t compare to our own situation.

Please don’t make it harder on them by attacking them for their decisions. Nobody needs your personal attack. Nobody needs to be berated for their personal choices.

Unfortunately, there are no good or easy choices in this situation. Some people I know simply can not stay home for another week. Yes, they are risking their health and other people’s health. This is the risk they are taking.

Lash Appointment Rules Safety First At Work


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To those who are back to work, let us learn the ‘new normal’ that we have to follow. I have made an infographic for everyone that’s really really easy to understand.


Lash Appointment Rules: New Appointment Policy

When booking appointments, there are several rules that we need to follow to ensure the best possible services for our clients.

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  • Call upon arrival, wait outside the salon or shop until called to come in
  • Follow a no mask no entry policy
  • Check the temperature by the thermal scanner
  • Sanitize hands by using alcohol or wash hands
  • No additional person
  • Highly encourage the contactless payment
  • Minimal Talking
  • Reschedule when feeling sick
  • Bring your own jacket or blanket if you get chilly.


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We all know the rules, but we don't always follow them. So, recheck the lash appointment rules and see how your schedule is holding up. If you're not doing everything exactly right, it's time to develop a better system. Remember that you are your business, and how you run your business matters.

It’ll be challenging this kind of set up but we have to help each other to go through this ‘new normal’ routine. Please continue to practice social distancing, sanitation, and stay healthy!


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