Lash Retention Issues While Wearing Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our daily lives and the way we work. As lash artists, it’s been our practice to wear a mask even before pandemic, but what will happen if clients are also required to wear masks? Does wearing a mask cause lash retention issues?

We are currently in a global pandemic and many of us are wearing masks on a daily basis. Masks cause us to use our mouths while we talk, breathe, and eat. Unfortunately, the air that comes out of our mouths is full of dirt, debris, and germs. When we speak with our clients, their eyes are right in line with our mouth and germs from our breath get into their eyes. The lashes that are closest to the eye become soiled and eventually fall off. This causes premature lash loss for your client and ultimately affects your retention rate.

Does wearing a mask cause lash retention issues?


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I have been hearing complains from my lash sisters that they are experiencing this problems nowadays. They haven’t done any thing unusual aside from this time, clients are wearing a mask.

Anyone experienced this? Let us discuss this further, why do we need to wear mask?



With the recent pandemic that we are all experiencing, taking good care of ourselves is a must. How do we do this? It’s a must to wear our mask to take care of ourselves and also our clients.

Everyone’s safety is our priority now that some of the businesses are now opening.

Why is it important to wear your mask?


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If a person coughs, talks, or sneezes, viruses may be released into the air, infecting people around. Face masks is a great way to prevent cross-contamination.

 How can I improve the retention of my eyelashes?


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Cold-like symptoms, a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, and headaches have been reported after excessive contact to eyelash extension adhesive. There have been cases of cyanoacrylate exposure causing chronic respiratory problems.

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Face mask with Breathing holes



  • Call upon arrival, wait outside the salon or shop until called to come in
  • Follow a no mask no entry policy
  • Check the temperature by the thermal scanner
  • Sanitize hands by using alcohol or wash hands
  • No additional person
  • Highly encourage the contactless payment
  • Minimal Talking
  • Reschedule when feeling sick
  • Bring your own jacket or blanket if you get chilly.


Lash appointment rules
It’ll be challenging this kind of set up but we have to help each other to go through this ‘new normal’ routine. Please continue to practice social distancing, sanitation, and stay healthy!


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The Impact of Porosity on Lash Retention: Low vs. High

As a lash artist, I've come to realize that understanding the concept of porosity is crucial for achieving optimal lash retention. Porosity refers to the ability of the hair cuticle to open or close, and it plays a significant role in how lash extensions adhere to the natural lashes. In this topic, we will explore the impact of porosity on lash retention and delve into the difference between low and high porosity. Moreover, I will share insights on how to address low porosity to ensure long-lasting lash extensions.



The Impact of Porosity on Lash Retention: Low vs. High



The Importance of Open Cuticles

Imagine cuticles as the outermost protective layer of the hair shaft. These cuticles can open or close due to various internal and external factors. When it comes to lash extensions, we actually want the cuticles to be slightly open. This provides a surface for the lash glue to hold onto and attach more securely, resulting in better retention.


Low Porosity and Closed Cuticles

Low porosity refers to a situation where the hair cuticles are mostly closed. In this case, the surface of the lashes becomes less receptive to the lash glue, making it difficult for the extensions to adhere properly. This can lead to premature shedding and a shorter lifespan for the lash extensions.


High Porosity and Textured Hair

On the other hand, high porosity implies that the hair cuticles have more texture and are more open. This allows for better adhesion of the lash extensions, as the glue can penetrate the cuticles and create a stronger bond. High porosity provides lash artists with a favorable condition to work with, ensuring improved retention and longevity of lash extensions.


Correcting Low Porosity

When dealing with clients who have low porosity, it is essential to take corrective measures to ensure optimal lash retention. One effective technique is to use an appropriate primer with a higher pH level than the natural lash. The primer's higher pH helps to open up the cuticles, increasing the porosity of the lashes. This, in turn, allows the lash glue to penetrate more effectively, resulting in better adhesion and longer-lasting lash extensions.



Understanding the impact of porosity on lash retention is a key aspect of being a skilled lash artist. Recognizing the difference between low and high porosity allows us to tailor our techniques and products to achieve the best results for our clients. While high porosity offers a favorable surface for lash extension adhesion, low porosity requires corrective measures such as using a higher pH primer to increase porosity. By paying attention to porosity and employing the right strategies, lash artists can ensure exceptional retention and create stunning lash transformations for their clients.


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I want to state that we do care about our safety and welfare, but quality service is what we strive for. We hope you keep this in mind when making these requirements because if you don’t allow the proper hygiene and sanitation periods, there will be an increase in contagious infections. Knowing the latest health issues will help you serve your clients better.


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