Your everything guide to eyelash extension

Despite the fact that I love beauty products. I am not a makeup girl, which is why I definitely never thought I’d be an eyelash extension one.

Here are the things I discovered about eyelash extensions: They make you feel glamorous than you thought possible. Let me share with you the things that you have to remember before you book for your first appointment.

show up to your appointment clean

Number 1 rule of every lash extension artist to their client is to come to their appointment clean. What do I mean by clean? No makeup at all. It will be easier for the artist to go straight to work on your extension.


I believed that anything beautiful takes time to achieve. If this will be your first time, expect that you will have to lie down for a good of 3 -4 hours to make a full set or depending on how fast your artist will do the set.

custom-made lash extension

You might have a picture in mind on which kind of look you want to achieve or you want the same as your friend. Expect that your lash artist will suggest on which kind of curl or kind of lashes suitable to you and your whole face or your natural lashes.

Remember that you are unique and your artist you will surely make your set gorgeous that you will surely love.

They will feel weird

Of course, it’s your first time, it will feel a bit weird and uncomfortable. But you will be used to it. I would suggest using a mask so you’ll be sleeping properly without messing up with your newly-made extension.


Since you are new to this, you have to learn how to clean your lashes. This will help you to improve the retention of your lash extension. You can use lash shampoo and brush for that matter. Clean lashes mean healthy lashes and longer retention.

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