T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)
T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)
T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)
T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)
T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)
T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)
T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)
T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)

T.L. Volume Lashes 0.07 (Single length)

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Russian Volume Lashes. Highest Quality Volume lashes made with non-stick and super soft silk fiber, 16 lines tray. No matter what style your client desires, they’ll receive the perfect look for them, since these lashes are very easy to customize with 3D-15D fans. These are not blooming (easy fanning) lashes. They are individual loose lashes with no glue residue holding them together at the base.


  • Natural Matte
  • Ultra Dark Black
  • C, D, CC, L, M, L+ curl now available in single lengths
  • Diameters – 0.07mm
  • Length Mix (8mm – 18mm)
  • 100% Vegan never tested on animals
  • Double heat bonded long-lasting curl
  • Foil back for easy removal
  • Easy fan lashes
Russian Volume Lashes

All trays come with length indicator strips on each individual row to keep you organized and efficient! Trays have 16 rows and over 4000 lashes per tray!! More than 25 % more than standard trays!

Beautiful, full lashes at your fingertips. These lashes are unique because they are already grouped in sets of 5.

Take the guesswork out of trying to pick up a certain number of lashes.

Their extreme black finish allows you to create a deep black, and still fluffy, volume set of lashes. Created with a perfectly sized, and non-sticking strip – this makes it easy to build beautiful spreading fans quickly.

Russian Volume Lashes are specifically designed for lash technicians that are NEW to volume by hand technique. The unique sticky lash strip will prevent the volume fans from separating at the base, allowing you to create the perfect fan within seconds. Each row comes on a sticker that can be put on your work area so you can work efficiently, and more quickly.

The lashes tapered on a luxurious mustard sticky tape, which is easy to work on. These lashes have silver foil on the reverse side of the strip to allow easy removal. Sticky and dirty palettes are no longer part of your life.

This perfectly processed non-sticky synthetic fiber improves lash attachment to the natural lash of the client.

New technology makes these lashes lose at the base, perfect for working with the pinch technique.

Small laser cuts on the lash surface make these lashes even lighter for lash artists to achieve the Mega Volume look.

How to determine which curl to use

B curl is a very natural curl, it will give the look of a natural uncurled eyelash. 

C curl is the most commonly used lash curl, it generally suits most clients 

CC curl is our hybrid curl, it is a great mix between the C and D curls. 

D curl is used to create full dramatic looks with lashes. This curl is perfect for clients looking for more lifting and great to use with the doll eye mapping.

L curl has a straight base that transitions and lies flat on the client's natural lash, this is a great curl for moonlit eyes, as well as clients who have very straight natural lashes.

L+ curl, this curl resembles the L curl with its sharp base but has a slightly curvier bend than the L curl.