Isolation 45 Degree Tweezer
Isolation 45 Degree Eyelash Tweezer
volume isolation tweezers
Best isolation tweezers for lash extensions
Isolation 45 Degree Tweezer
Isolation 45 Degree Eyelash Tweezer
volume isolation tweezers
Best isolation tweezers for lash extensions


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A great tweezer for working with those inner corners,  it has a 45-degree angle for easier access

Isolation 45 Degree Lash Tweezer




Thousandlashes Isolation Long 45 Degree Tweezer is created with a precise tip. This isolation tweezer has a thin 45-degree tip for perfect isolation. They are made extra thin and long, ensuring perfect ergonomic weight distribution to reduce wrist fatigue. These tweezers are perfect for lash artists with longer fingers, as they will have an easier time with this tweezer.

The special sharp tips will help you master classic lashes, assist you with the inner corners and most of all help you with isolation. 

Keeping you satisfied with our eyelash extension tweezers is our number one goal. This tweezer is our favorite and one of our best tweezers!

Leave a comment on your order if you need our lash artists to test your tweezers with a special request (like 0.03 0.05, 10 D, wiggle technique), we will test the tweezers this custom way for you.



  • 45 degree slim foot
  • Marble plated
  • 4.75 inches
  • Use for classic, volume lash pick up and for easy isolation
  • Precision tip for accuracy
  • Loose grip to help eliminate finger, wrist, and hand fatigue
  • Our isolation volume lash tweezers have an illustrious finish with a lightweight feel & gentle touch on the wrist
  • The 45 shape neck tweezer is precisely hand calibrated for easy comfort for better visual performance
  • This fine tweezer is used for any style of eyelash extension is recommended for all artists or students needing a specialized handy tool. A Perfect assistant for “separating” ultra-fine lashes when you are ready to encounter for most maneuvers from (0.03mm, 0.20mm) lashes
  • Precise sharp head, perfect for deep-set eyes and working over the orbital bone
  • Intended for certified lash professionals only




All Thousandlashes Tweezers are hand tested by a lash artist but if you are not 100% satisfied with your tweezer, you can exchange it for a new one. We offer a 14-DAY GUARANTEE on all our tweezers.


For more information on what makes a great isolation tweezer, please click here.



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