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Isolation 45º Lash Tweezer created with a precise tip, these  isolation tweezers have a thin 45 degree tip for perfect isolation.  Perfect for removing lash strips from the case, and all the other tasks you shouldn’t use your volume tweezers for.

Leave a comment on your order if you need our lash artists to test your tweezers with a special request (like 0.03 0.05, 10 D, wiggle technique), we will test the tweezers this custom way for you.

The special tips will help you master the tough Russian volume technique at ease and create the perfect fans. Keeping you satisfied with our eyelash extension tweezers is our number one goal. These are our favorite and our best tweezers!

This is a great tweezer for working in those inner corners since it has a nice 45-degree angle, it allows the lash artist to reach and isolate from the side, the way a straight tweezer can not.



  • 45º slim foot
  • marble plated
  • 4.75 inches
  • Use for classic pick-up or isolating
  • Precision tip for accuracy
  • Loose grip to help eliminate finger, wrist, and hand fatigue
  • Our isolation volume lash tweezers have an illustrious finish with a lightweight feel & gentle touch on the wrist.
  • The 45 shape neck tweezer is precisely hand calibrated for easy comfort for better visual performance.
  • This fine tweezer used for any style of eyelash extension recommended for all artists or students needing a specialized handy tool. A Perfect assistant for “separating” ultra-fine lashes when you are ready to encounter for most maneuvers from (0.03mm, 0.20mm) lashes.
  • Precise sharp head, perfect for deep-set eyes and working over the orbital bone.
  • Intended for certified lash professionals only.

Recommended Use:

Volume lash picks up or easy isolation.

What makes a great isolation tweezer?

The most important aspect is
– Proper grip, if the isolation tweezer allowed you to have an amazing grip you will find it much easier to isolate.

One tip you can use is to isolate with two tweezers and help with your 4th finger to get the lashes out of the way. Don’t be afraid to find the perfect position, even if it’s not how you were shown in your lash course.

The right grip for your isolation tweezers Is key. You can definitely try holding your lash tweezers like a pen in order to be able to approach the natural lash from various angles.

Another tip is to try isolating from the side of the lash line at a 45- 30-degree angle. This will assure that you are able to separate the natural lashes easier, especially if they are really dense and thick.

Keep in mind that when you are isolating only from the top of the lash line. You are not giving yourself the view of all the angles. Try using your lash mirrors as well for better visualization.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Clean in Marvicide / Barbicide
  • Store in a magnetic case or a tweeter pouch


Lash Tweezers are extremely sharp, please keep away from children.

All Thousandlashes Tweezers are hand tested by a lash artist but if you are not 100% satisfied on your tweezer, you can exchange it for a new one. We offer a 7-DAY GUARANTEE on all our tweezers.