Triple Retention Bundle
Retention Tips for Lash Artists
best eyelash extension products
Products to Improve Your Lash Retention
Lash Adhesive Cure Aid Speed Curing Solution
Incredible Retention Primer for Eyelash Extension
Super Bonder
Triple Retention Bundle
Retention Tips for Lash Artists
best eyelash extension products
Products to Improve Your Lash Retention
Lash Adhesive Cure Aid Speed Curing Solution
Incredible Retention Primer for Eyelash Extension
Super Bonder


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Our Triple Retention Bundle is the perfect way to keep your clients coming back!

Triple Retention Bundle


A quality lash product can be a real game-changer in your business, so why not invest and discover the difference it makes?

We've put together our three best-selling lash products, including our Lash Adhesive Cure Aid, Incredible Retention Primer, and Super Bonder. This bundle is a must-have in every professional lash extension kit and will help you maximize retention while keeping your clients happy.

  • With these 3 products working together, we've seen a significant increase in the retention rate of extensions: clients keep their lashes longer!
  • A perfect bundle to make your life so much easier when doing eyelash extensions.
  • You will SAVE 30% compared to buying products separately.
  • For professional use only




Designed to accelerate the drying time of lash adhesives struggling in low humidity conditions, it ensures effective curing. No more waiting around for your adhesive to set ‚Äď this cure aid is the secret weapon in your lash room arsenal.

Lash adhesive cure aid


  • If your adhesive is drying too slow, the glue aid is meant to speed it up.
  • Works together with your adhesive to speed it up in low humidity environments.
  • Not recommended in high humidity environments.
  • Meant to be applied to the lash extensions strips for easier fanning and improved lash adhesive speed time.¬†


  1. Apply 2 ‚Äď 3 drops of the solution of glue aid on your microfiber brush
  2. Wipe at the bases of the extension lash strip only as you place it on your tile
  3. Wait 2 mins after application, start applying for your lash extensions as usual
  4. Use this product minimally, you don’t need a large amount of this solution. The solution must only be applied on the base of the lash strips, not the eyelashes and skin of the clients
Lash Adhesive Cure Aid Speed Curing Solution


*DO NOT use glue aid with easy fans as it will dissolve the light adhesive strip that holds the lashes together and allows for easy fanning 



Do you have a problem keeping your eyelash extension in place? We have an incredible solution for you! We created the Incredible Retention Primer For Eyelash Extension to combat lash retention issues. It is used to coat the natural lash before extensions are applied. This primer works to remove the oil and dust from the natural lashes and improve the attachment of extensions.

Incredible Retention Primer


  • Only a small amount is needed for each lash, creating a smoother layer for extensions to adhere to.
  • Improves the attachment of the lash extensions to the natural lashes, causing them to stay on for longer than usual.
  • It helps with any lash extension application.
  • The primer dries pretty quickly.
  • Easy to apply, bonds flawlessly to natural lashes.



    • It is designed to prepare lashes before the application of eyelash extensions.
    • Better glue retention! The primer promotes reliable bonds, contributing to longer extension wear and helping to prevent their early fallout.
    • Latex-Free
    • Formaldehyde-Free
    • 15ML



      1. Using a lip-gloss brush, Lash Primer may be applied directly onto the natural lashes before the application of lash extensions. It removes protein deposits and oil build-up on the natural lashes, which can cause blepharitis, and prepares the natural lashes to hold the extensions better.
      2. Whether your client uses eye makeup, oil and protein build-up may occur throughout the day. It is essential to cleanse and prime the natural lashes before applying lash extensions.
      3. Lash primer is incredibly gentle on the eyes and does not cause any irritation when applied to the natural lashes and skin.
      4. Wait for the product to dry on the natural lashes before the application of lash extensions.



        This must-have product is specially designed to lock lash extensions in place, ensuring they last longer and stay put. Its gentle yet effective formula allows you to apply it directly to the extension bond, enhancing retention and preventing natural lashes from harm.

        Super Bonder


        HOW TO USE 

        1. Wait for 2 minutes after the last lash application to apply the Super Bonder
        2. Apply 2 drops onto a microfibre brush. Do not soak, the brush should only be slightly wet, not dripping in the product
        3. Wipe adhesive bonding points
        4. Allow drying for 2 minutes
        5. No need for nanomisters or nebulizers after applications



        • Works amazing with¬†ALL kinds of adhesives¬†
        • Works great for ALL sets of lashes ‚Äď CLASSIC, HYBRID, VOLUME & MEGA VOLUME. When used in combination with ThousandLashes¬†Incredible Retention Primer, the highest possible retention is achieved
        • Cures the Cyanoacrylate making it more flexible
        • The Super Bonder allows the bond to be more elastic, more porous and less prone to breakage
        • Maximizes retention by 40%
        • Our lash¬†super bonder seals the lashes within 4 minutes
        • Lashes of the client can get wet the same day. The client is not limited in keeping¬† their lashes dry for 48HRS after application
        • Reduces sensitivity¬†



        Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in the glue that holds the extension and lashes together. One of the reasons why lashes fall out after a while is that normal dried Cyanoacrylate is not very flexible.

        The Super Bonder's job is to give the adhesive more elasticity, making the bonds more flexible and therefore resulting in better retention. Without shock curing, Super Bonder rapidly polymerizes the adhesive. Irritations and sensitivities are greatly reduced when the adhesive fumes are sealed.

        Additionally, the lashes are safe to get wet after 3 minutes because the bonds have been sealed! You and your clients won't have to wait another 24-48 hours to go to the gym or wash your lashes.


        You won't need to use a nanomister or nebulizer at the end of each appointment if you use our Super Bonder. The curing process begins from the outer layer by using these water devices to cure adhesives, and humidity stays in the adhesive.

        Super Bonder uses cyanoacrylate and begins the curing process from inside, pushing humidity out and resulting in a tighter bond. Water curing evaporates from the adhesive's porous surface, but Super Bonder seals the adhesive's surface, ensuring any fumes from the adhesive are contained within the adhesive bond.

        A porous surface means that even after the cyanoacrylate has healed, a small amount of fumes is still produced. This is what triggers the glue fumes to give clients a "burning" feeling. The adhesive loses some of its retaining power when these fumes evaporate, however with the Super Bonder, these fumes are contained, resulting in better retention.



        Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Which means we stand by our products 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it or send you a new product.

        If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, in the rare event that anything goes wrong, your item is missing or issues with your order, please contact us, and we'll make it right!



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        • Returns and exchanges of unopened, resellable products (Excluding adhesive) are accepted within fourteen (14) days of the date on the original purchase receipt.
        • Returning Adhesive read¬†here



        We have a dedicated lash artist on-call 24/7 available to answer your questions and concerns. If you have a question about our products, or about lashing in general, call / text us at 7607073479 and we will gladly help you out.

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