Lash Artist Practice Workbook
Lash Tech Practice Workbook
Lash Artist Practice Workbook
Lash Tech Practice Workbook


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This workbook has been designed to help beginner and intermediate lash artists perfect their lash skills and improve their confidence as they are working up the courage to practice on real clients.  

Most lash courses are between 1-4 days long, which is not enough time to master the different concepts that are required to feel confident as a lash artist.

The workbook comes with round sponges that are very similar to the client's eyelid. They are great to practice the various micro-movements needed to become a confident lash artist. This workbook has an erase marker that is meant to practice writing out different maps, and notes, which can later be erased.

The goal is for the lash artist to be able to practice as many times as they need to achieve mastery of the skills required.

Once the lash artist feels confident working with the sponges, a lash mannequin can be used to practice some of the exercises in this workbook. Additional sponges can be purchased on our website if needed.

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1 workbook

3 pcs sponges for practice

1 eraser pen

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