Lash Foam and Eyeliner Retail Kit
Lash Foam and Eyeliner Retail Kit
Lash Foam and Eyeliner Retail Kit
Lash Foam and Eyeliner Retail Kit

Lash Foam and Eyeliner Retail Kit

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Cleansing your lashes is important to keep makeup and oil away from breaking down the adhesive that holds extensions in place. This lash foam is it not only for removing makeup, dead skin, sodium as well as daily cleansing for skin from sebum and eyelash extensions but also improving retention and lengthen the bond of the eyelash extension. By cleaning your lashes, it helps to treat and prevent blepharitis. Proper cleansing of your lashes is a must!

Perfect for stocking up or for offering to clients after treatments!

  • Gentle foaming mousse consistency
  • Oil-free
  • Perfect for cleansing the brow area before tinting treatment
  • Suitable for cleaning lashes
  • Removes makeup, oils and dust/dirt from hairs and skin
  • The addition of Aloe extract moisturizes protects and nourishes skin and hairs

Home use instruction:
Apply small amount of Lash Foam on the brush or finger by pressing on the foaming pump head
Dab it on the lashes along the lash line
Work the brush up and down along the lashes in gentle movements
Rinse it off with water
Gently brush lashes with a clean lash wand/brush
Use 4-5 times a week to clean extensions or as needed. It can be used on daily basis.


Ever wonder if you are allowed to use eyeliner for eyelash extension? Worry no more, we at ThousandLashes launch our Eyeliner Safe for eyelash extension. This eyeliner extension is compatible with all eyelash extensions products, and makeup brands.

Formulated with ingredients that will not cause  the break down of eyelash extension adhesive bond. Safe and compatible to use with permanent lash extensions.

This Eyeliner Safe for eyelash extension is long-lasting and easy to apply. The flocked-tip applicator helps you get a precise line every time. A long-wearing eyeliner that is ultra-comfortable to wear. 

This is a great product to retail in your salon for your lash clients