Malachi Tweezer
Professional lash tweezers
Volume lash tweezers
Eyelash Tweezers Set
Malachi Tweezer
Professional lash tweezers
Volume lash tweezers
Eyelash Tweezers Set


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A universal tweezer that works wonderfully with classic as well as volume techniques

Malachi Tweezer



This sexy mama is not your regular curved tweezer, what makes it extra special is the fact that it’s truly a universal tweezer that works wonderfully with classic as well as volume techniques.

This tweezer is 14 cm long, which is perfect for lash artists with a long finger and makes it so much easier to reach those difficult hard to reach lashes for isolation. The working zone on this tweezer is 3 mm, which makes it incredibly easy to work with really small daily volume fans.



  • Lightweight and perfect aligned and tested by a lash artist prior to shipping out
  • Perfect for isolating and applying classic lashes
  • The perfect C curve allows the lash artist to reach those inner corners and hard-to-reach areas during isolation and placement
  • This tweezer works incredibly well with the shimmy technique, and we love using it for the pinch technique for mega volume
  • Ruler on the side of the tweezer to help you measure the client’s lashes or the distance from the eyelid to the lash extension
  • Extra-long collection 14 cm long, instead of the traditional 12 cm



  • A curved tweezer, an angled tweezer, or a straight tweezer to isolate lashes is important. The Malachi tweezers are fine, sharp, and have a C curve

  • Don't be afraid to reposition your client's head at about mid-torso. You want to lean forward to see where the base of the lash is ensuring you have a great visual
  • Use your Malachi tweezer to lift and separate lashes to get the best isolation, and only then apply for the eyelash extension. We recommend you go in at a 45-degree angle in relation to the eyelid for the most comfortable placement



  1. Perfect for the beginner as well as advanced lash artists and eyelash extension professionals, these tweezers allow the very precise application of eyelash extensions.
  2. Perfect Ergonomic Design: A comfortable design to make sure you can hold the tweezer firmly and maintain accuracy during use. Our lash extension tweezers are lightweight and offer an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy.
  3. Quality Assurance: Each of our products undergoes a rigorous lash artist inspection.
  4. These eyelash extension tweezers are great for working with volume lashes as well as fanning on the lash strip.


All Thousandlashes Tweezers are hand tested by a lash artist but if you are not 100% satisfied with your tweezer, you can exchange it for a new one. We offer a 14-DAY GUARANTEE on all our tweezers.



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