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Lash Pillows
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Ergonomic lash pillow
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lash pillows that offer total comfort to your client while getting their lashes done

Lash Pillows



Thousandlashes Lash Pillows: a soft lash neck pillow, back support pillow, and knee rest pillow.

Your clients are guaranteed to fall asleep as soon as their body hits the massage table for their 2-3 hour lash service when you use these lash pillows. Massage tables are not comfortable, and in order to keep your clients coming back, you need to ensure that your studio provides them with peace, comfort, pleasant smells, and relaxing music.  These 3 pillows will not only dress up your studio, but they will also make your clients feel like they are sleeping on a cozy fluffy cloud.


Thousandlashes Soft Lash Pillow adopts an ergonomic curve design, suitable for all sleep postures. Whether you’re a side pillow or a back pillow, it can help you fall asleep without neck stiffness or shoulder pain. Perfect for beauty salon and eyelash extension studio.

The middle part of the soft lash pillow designed for keeping the head from moving provides optimal spinal support by maintaining natural spinal curvature. The upper sides of the pillow are flat and you can be placing your tools on (during work with the client).

Soft Lash Pillow



    Designed for your clients to fall asleep instantly with the cozy comfort you offer them in your studio. This back pain pillow eases aching muscles and improves circulation. Diminishes pain while supporting the structural integrity of the spine. Reduces pressure on muscles and discs by decompressing the back.


    Back Support Lash Pillow



    • Ankle knee support
    • Leg elevation
    • Neck, back, and lumbar pain relief
    • Premium quality memory foam
    • Size: 46 x 18 x 5 cm
    • Machine washable



    Provides immediate comfort while reclining or sleeping. Can be used as a leg or knee wedge pillow to support the lower back while elevating the leg, or as a back wedge pillow to elevate for incredible client comfort.

    Knee Rest Lash Pillow



    • Elevated leg pillow, comfortably and effectively elevates your client's legs above their heart for better blood circulation, blood flow to the brain, and less pressure on their back
    • Supportive foam wedge pillow keeps its shape and includes a machine-washable removable cover made from polycotton and the high-quality foam won’t flatten or wear over time, giving you many years of relief and comfort
    • The removable, zippered poly-cotton cover is easy to clean by machine washing.
    • Size: 50x30x18 cm



    • Each pillow is crafted with memory foam wrapped in a removable cover to provide long-term strength and reliable use for years to come.
    • Recommended by lash artists, estheticians, and Microblading artists.



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