Deluxe Tweezer Set 3-in-1 package
Lash Tweezer Set
Magnetic Tweezers Case For Eyelash Extensions
Deluxe Tweezer Set 3-in-1 package
Lash Tweezer Set
Magnetic Tweezers Case For Eyelash Extensions


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Deluxe Tweezer Set



Thousandlashes Deluxe Tweezer Set 3-in-1 package! We have combined these 3 tweezers that you’ll surely love. 

Purchasing this deluxe tweezer kit instead of individual tweezers is a great way to save time and money.


Isolation Long 45 Degree Tweezer

Thousandlashes Isolation Long 45 Degree Lash Tweezer is created with a precise tip. This isolation tweezer has a thin 45-degree tip for perfect isolation. Perfect for removing lash strips from the case, and all the other tasks you shouldn’t use your volume tweezers for.

The special tips will help you master the tough Russian volume technique at ease and create the perfect fans. Keeping you satisfied with our eyelash extension tweezers is our number one goal. This tweezer is our favorite and one of our best tweezers!

Isolation 45º Lash Tweezer


Dolphin-shaped Curved Tweezer

Thousandlashes Dolphin-Shaped Curved Tweezer is suitable for volume extensions, classic extensions, and specialty extensions. Perfect for isolating and applying classic lashes. Amazing for shimmy technique and pinch technique.

Dolphin-Shaped Curved Tweezer


L Shape Tweezer

Thousandlashes L Shape lash extension tweezer is an excellent tool for handmade volume fans and picking up and attaching them. This sexy beast is a great tweezer for beginners as well as seasoned lash artists.

L tweezer will work well if you are working on Mega Volume techniques but are used to working with boot-shaped tweezers.  Recommended for more control and very precise tip. This is a great tweezer for working with mega-volume lashes. The working zone for these tweezers is  2mm – 3mm. You can easily use these tweezers for the shimmying technique, as well as for working by spreading the lash fans on the strip.

L Shape lash extension tweezer



Magnetic Tweezers Case for Eyelash Extensions 

Thousandlashes Magnetic Tweezers Case For Eyelash Extensions ensures the safety of your beloved tweezers. A protective flap separates the two halves, effectively preventing any damage or scratching to the tools. The design is stylish and you’ll surely adore it. There is high-grade leather material covering, this makes it so soft, smooth, and shiny.

Magnetic Tweezers Case For Eyelash Extensions


  1. Perfect for the beginner as well as advanced lash artists and eyelash extension professionals, these tweezers allow very precise application of eyelash extensions.
  2. Perfect Ergonomic Design: A comfortable design to make sure you can hold the tweezer firmly and maintain accuracy during use. Our lash extension tweezers are lightweight and offer an exceptionally fine point for precise accuracy.
  3. These tweezers are hand polished for a better, more textured grip, and manufactured to be of the highest quality. Because each tweezer is hand-finished, each will be slightly unique. The “Sweet Spot” on each tweezer will, therefore, be slightly different, and while they can be used to pick up fans from the tip.


Thousandlashes Tweezers are hand tested by a lash artist but if you are not 100% satisfied with your tweezer, you can exchange it for a new one. We offer a 14-DAY GUARANTEE on all our tweezers.


All our tweezers have a 1 year accidental damage warranty. If you accidentally drop your tweezer, we will replace it for FREE.

No more than 2 replacements per year per tweezer purchased.



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