How To Dip Lash Extension In Glue Correctly?

How to use eyelash glue? What is the correct way to dip your eyelashes in lash glue? Since a lot of lash artists have questions regarding their client’s retention, I figured I would make a post regarding one of the factors that can affect your client’s retention the most. 



The way you dip your lash fans in the adhesive will have a very important impact on your clients’ retention. Here is a diagram below, describing the best way to dip your lashes in our adhesive. Ideally, you should never glaze the lashes on top of the adhesive, as this will not add enough adhesive, and can result in poor lash retention.

Eyelash Extension Glue


You should also avoid dipping the lash on the bottom of the glue drop, as your lash will be dipping in glue. The ideal way is to dip about 1-3 mm of the lash tip into the middle of your adhesive drop.  This will ensure you have just the right amount of glue in order to ensure great retention.

Another tip is to ensure that your adhesive drop is the correct size, it is incredibly important for it to have a sufficient amount of adhesive to allow for the perfect grip to the natural lash. If there is not enough adhesive, the client's lashes will fall out prematurely. Additionally, if the lashes have an excessive amount of adhesive, there will be other issues associated with stickies. Please refer to the image for the correct amount of adhesive you should have in order to achieve great lash retention.



  • Incorrect work with fast-drying adhesive can cause lash poor retention
  • Thousandlashes Lash Adhesives are good for  8 months unopened
  • It is best to store your lash adhesive in the fridge while unopened
  • Once opened, Thousandlashes Lash Adhesives are good for 1 month stored at room temp in an airtight container
  • High temperature OR/AND high humidity causes adhesive to polymerize even faster, which can cause retention issues.



One of the key things to consider is to make sure that your glue is FRESH, after about 20-30 minutes ( depending on your humidity and temperature ) it’s best to neutralize the adhesive drop and make a new drop.

The reason for this being, after about 20 minutes the glue starts drying out, and will not bond as efficiently to your client’s lash. This can have a negative impact on your client’s retention.



Another aspect to consider is the size of your adhesive drop. Make sure your glue drop is large enough. There will be enough working surface area for this glue to be effective.

Remember as soon as you drop your glue drop, it starts to polymerize. This means that the outer diameter of your adhesive is already useless.

You need to get what is in the middle of the drop as it is the freshest adhesive, and this is what you want to be working with.



Furthermore, you need to make sure you neutralize all the other adhesive drops with water after 30 minutes, that are in close proximity to your fresh glue drop.

Otherwise, your fresh glue will polymerize faster than necessary due to the fumes of the old glue drops nearby.



Do not try to work with a glue drop that has started to dry out, if the glue consistency has a stringy texture, it means it is no longer good, neutralize it and make a brand new glue drop.

Do not dip your lash fan on the top or bottom of the adhesive drop. This is the glue that has already started to dry and is suboptimal to work with. You need to dip your lash fan in the middle of the glue drop in order to get the glue that is the freshest consistency to work with.

Don’t forget to shake your adhesive prior to putting out a new glue drop. It’s ideal to shake your adhesive for a minimum of 1 min. There are great adhesive shaker wands you can purchase to save yourself time.



  • Store your Lash Adhesive horizontally in an Airtight container, wooden drawer, or in a cool, dry place
  • When  shake your eyelash glue remove the lid and cover the nozzle with tin foil or wax strip
  • Wipe the nozzle after every use of the glue
  • You can shake for 1 min by hand or 30 seconds with a glue shaker



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Eyelash Extension Glue



All lash adhesives need to be handled with extreme caution and the utmost care. When opening any bottle of adhesive whether new or used you must open the adhesive away from the lash station not by the client's head or where the lash service is taking place.

Excessive amounts of glue on the skin may cause burns or superficial damage to the skin or hair. Thousandlashes is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of adhesive.






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