How To Take Care Of Your Eyelash Extension Tweezers

How to protect and take care of your eyelash extension tweezer? What is the best way to hold your tweezers? How long do lash tweezers last? As a lash artist, there are many things you can do to protect your favorite tweezers and make them last longer, and we'll provide some valuable ideas in this blog, so keep on reading.

How To Take Care Of Your Eyelash Extension Tweezer
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Eyelash Extension tweezers are essential tools in a lash artist's kit. They are used to remove and apply extensions, so they need to be carefully protected and taken care of.

One of the best ways to protect your eyelash extension tweezers is to use them properly.



Hold your eyelash tweezer using your three fingers (index, middle fingers on one side). Your thumb should be on your tweezer's opposite side. For more support, you can use your 4th finger.

Just relax your hand and fingers (thumb and index) if you are making your lash fans. Your middle finger is the only one that will do the work to control and apply the pressure to your tweezer. Your other fingers are only there to support you.

How do you use eyelash tweezers


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When you pick up your lashes and create your fan, the glue can rise and get into your tweezers, causing your lash fan to become stuck to your tweezers. Before you continue, make sure all the glue residue is removed from your tweezers so you can create a perfect set. A tweezer cleaner is one of the tools you can use to remove the glue from the tweezers.



Pinch the sponge ball several times in the cleaner liquid using the tweezers. It's also a good idea to spin the tweezers within the bottle so that they may touch the sponge ball.

How do you get eyelash glue off tweezers

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Wipe the extra liquid from the tweezers before removing them from the bottle. Your tweezer should be free of glue residue. If you have a tweezer with particularly persistent stickiness of adhesive that won't come off, soak it in the solution for two minutes before wiping it clean.

How will you clean the tweezer

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Store your tweezers properly because they are essential when lashing, like lashes, glue, and other tools. We can't create beautiful sets; once you find the perfect tweezers, you want to do everything to protect them. So here are some ways how you can store your tweezers also when you are using them.



The tweezer case holds your favorite tweezers securely and safely. Any glue or stickiness on your tweezer tips will weaken their accuracy and make them ineffective. Some tweezers are expensive, so protecting them is a must! The slim style of most tweezer cases is excellent for storage purposes and for throwing in your bag for the lash artist on the go.

Lash Tweezer Case

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Double magnets are used in this type of tweezer storage tool to keep all of your tweezers in place. A protective flap separates the two halves, effectively preventing any damage or scratching to the tweezers. The design is elegant, and you will enjoy it. It is covered in a high-quality leather material that is soft, smooth, and shining.

The magnetic tweezer case is a perfect example of a compact and attractive design. For most lash artists, this is the most popular tweezer storage case.

Magnetic tweezer case

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You can show your clients how professional you are when you have this organizer. When using this clear organizer, all your lash tools will be close at hand, your lashes liquids precisely in order, especially your eyelash tweezers, where you can reach them quickly.

Clear Acrylic Lash Organizer

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For narrow and wider extensions, use different tweezers. Your tweezers will eventually become too loose to pick up narrower lashes since tweezing wider lashes requires less tweezing tension.

Remove any remaining glue from your tweezers. Eyelash tweezers with adhesive on them may develop an imbalance in their weight and get degraded. Use a tweezer cleaner or lash remover to get rid of the glue.

If tweezers slide or fall, they will break. If you're not using them, place them on a non-slip surface like a silicone pad instead of on the lash bed or lash pillow. Also, tweezers should be kept in the enclosed tweezer case or on a tweezer stand.



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