Microfoam Under Eye Pads
Microfoam tape eyelash extensions
Microfoam Tape
Eyelash extension tape for sensitive eyes
Microfoam Under Eye Pads
Microfoam tape eyelash extensions
Microfoam Tape
Eyelash extension tape for sensitive eyes


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Perfect to use for clients who are allergic to collagen, gel patches, and hydrogel patches

Micro Foam Under Eye Patches



Thousandlashes Micro-Foam Under Eye Patches are really exciting, they are made entirely of micro-foam material. These new patches are the newest generation of patches. They are great to have on hand as an alternative to traditional patches.

We have 2 thicknesses for these eye pads, the thicker ones are more sturdy for clients with thick coarse eyelashes, that need a little extra help, providing extra help for your isolation tweezers to rest on.  The thinner 0.5mm patches are less sturdy and more malleable, a little easier to stretch and to adjust to the client's eye shape. Both thicknesses provide a great alternative for clients allergic or sensitive to traditional patches. 



  • LINT FREE & LATEX FREE - lash foam tape that is hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin yet adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal

  • 2 THICKNESS VARIATIONS - these patches are 0.5 and  1mm in diameter, providing a nice cushion for your tweezers.  These patches are good to have on hand for clients that have really coarse lashes that keep on sliding out from under thin hydrogel patches. These foam patches have very strong adhesion and will ensure that the coarse lashes stay in place, throughout the lash appointment

  • MULTI-PURPOSE - during the eyelash extension procedure, our under-eye foam tape can be used under the eyes instead of the gel patches, they can also be used on the top of the eyelid for a variety of taping techniques

  • CUSTOMIZED STYLE - the foam tape has a nice shape of 2 thin patches that can be used directly or cut in 2 for multiple uses.  Simple and convenient, the shape is already pre-cut keeping in mind the client's comfort



For more information on how to apply lash patches, please click here.


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