5 Lash Extension Styles You'll Want To Try

You've set up your studio, and you want to provide the best lash services and products to your lovely clients. You need to think about the next thing, choosing the right lash extension styles for your eyelash service. So how will you do it?

Lash extension is a perfect way to add glamour to anyone. They are also a great way to change the shape of the eyes and make them appear larger and more open. Whether you're a professional lash artist or a beginner looking for some tips on how to apply them, there are many different lash styles you can do.

In this blog post, you will find out the different styles of lash extensions with pictures to better choose which one can suit your client's eye and face shape.

5 Lash Extension Styles You'll Want To Try
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Are you ready to be the best lash artist? Good. Let's get started. The best lash extensions for clients will depend on their lash type, lifestyle, and style. If you understand what's important to your client, you can help enhance their look in the best possible way. When working with clients, you should take your time to discuss the style, length, and density options with them before you begin the process.

It is essential to keep in mind that you do not want to make them look fake or overdone. Here are a few of the most trending lash styles:



If you're looking for a new look for your client, consider cat eyelashes. They are on-trend yet timeless at the same time.

The application of cat eyelashes is similar to regular eyelash extensions. Only the extensions are placed in a way that they create a cat eye effect at the outer corner of the eye.

To give the appearance of wide-set eyes, place the longest extensions on the outside edge of the natural lashes. This is a good option if your client has almond-shaped, close-set eyes.

Cat eye lash map


If your client wants something more daring than wispy lashes, cat eye lashes might be what you need! These tapered extensions are longer on the outer corner and shorter in the inner corner to give a cat eye appearance that's all about drama! Cat eyelashes can also be customized with different lash lengths for each section so you can create an even more dramatic effect.

Cat eyelash extensions

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The cat eye is perfect for clients who want a more dramatic look since it extends the natural lash line. It's ideal for clients with smaller eyes because it makes them look bigger and brighter.


If your client has downturned eyes, cat eyelash extensions may be a good option for them. These styles can help lift the eyes and create a dramatic look. 


While keeping the beauty of the client's eyes, the cat eye will give length to the eye and help balance it even further towards that ideal Almond shape. It will also open up the eye and make it appear larger.



Cat eyelash style should be avoided if the client wants long lengths because they will attract attention to their eyes.


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Do you have a client who wants to get pretty doll-like eyes without makeup? Then, doll eyelashes are what they need! This lash style will bring out the eyes and enhance them beautifully.

Doll Eye Lash Map


Apply the extensions in the same direction as the natural lashes will give fuller, longer-looking lashes while keeping the natural lash style. If your client has almond or upturned eyes, this mapping will work perfectly and look great on them.

Shorter lashes are applied to the inner and outer corners, while longer lashes are applied to the center of the eye. This style is perfect for monolid, hooded, and almond-shaped eyes since it opens up the eye area and gives it a perfect look.

Doll eye eyelash extensions are the best choice for clients who want to look dramatic but look more natural.

 Doll eye eyelash extensions

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Doll eye lashes will make almond-shaped eyes appear more prominent, but if the eyes of your clients are close together, avoid this lash type as it may make the eyes appear too large.


If your client has a hooded or monolid eye shape, this style is ideal because it will keep their eyes looking lifted and open. 


If your client has wide-set eyes, doll eye extensions make their eyes appear more prominent.


A doll eye map is meant to create a full dramatic lash look. Before recommending this style, it's essential to consider the client's eye shape and personal preferences.


Clients who prefer a more natural look may not like this style, as it can be rather dramatic and is better suited to those who prefer a fuller, more dramatic look, especially with volume and mega volume styles. With this style of lash map, a doll map classic placed in shorter lengths can still seem very natural.


If you have clients with round eyes, they are not a good fit for doll eye mapping since this map type can emphasize the roundness of their eyes.


Clients with highly closed eyes are not suitable since it can draw attention to their eyes.

To learn more about the doll eye lash map, please click here.


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This is an excellent style for those with small eyes who want to maximize their fullness. To get this lash style, start with short lengths and gradually lengthen, with the most extended length at the halfway point, before gradually shortening again.

 Squirrel lash mapping


It's a great way to create a natural-looking lash line that still has plenty of length and volume.

Squirrel eye eyelash extensions



Perfect for clients with close-set eyes, high brow arch, and outer corner lashes growing downwards.


Squirrel style lash look is suitable for clients with the longest lash length will be at the arch of the eyebrows.


This eyelash extension style is not recommended if the client has big or broad eyes. The style would only attract attention to the eye's flaws. 


The client's natural lashes should be long and dense. The squirrel effect will not look nice on short and sparse lashes.


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Classic mapping is another term for natural eye mapping. This will match the client's natural lashes. This gentle length adjustment follows the natural lash growth without any drastic length changes.

The second-longest length should begin at the pupil's center. The longest portion should be placed from the iris's outer edge to the brow's arch, with the outer and inner corners gradually decreasing in length.

 Natural eye look mapping

This lash mapping can be used on various lash shapes and is excellent for new lash artists. It can be used with short to long lash lengths and is the most versatile mapping. Most lash curls can also be used with this mapping.

For a more natural look, start with the B Curl. The lash extensions may appear unnatural if they are curlier than the natural lashes.

natural lash extensions

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Natural lash extensions are a great way to give your clients a more natural look.




It is not recommended for clients who want a dramatic full look.


For example, if your client's lashes are about 15 mm in diameter if they have thick lashes. Do not use extensions like .18 mm and .20 mm. You will run into problems with these lashes because the weight of the extensions will pull down on the natural lashes and cause them to break off.


D and C curls are not appropriate for a natural lash style. Both lash curls are best for lifting or exaggerating your client's lashes.

TIP: When doing natural lash style, black lashes are very common, but don't overlook brown lashes. Your client can be taken aback by how natural and sophisticated they appear.

You can use 0.07 brown lashes for the base and 0.07 black lashes for the wisps for this wispy lash style.


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Kim K or wispy lashes is one of the most popular lash styles, which involves placing spikes or longer lengths in different eye sections to create a wispy set. This lash style is ideal for clients with both round and almond eyes.

The best part about this lash style is that it looks great on any face shape and eye shape, but it's incredibly flattering on round and almond-shaped eyes and smaller faces because it gives the illusion of more length and width without making them look too big or fake.

Wispy lash mapping


Wispy lashes are an excellent option for an eye-catching look without going overboard with volume. Perfect for clients who want classic lashes to stand out more.

Classic wispy lashes

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If your client wants something different to give their lashes that additional wow factor, a dramatic look with a hint of glitz, this style is for them!

Wispy lashes are a fantastic effect that anyone can achieve. This is a great way to give the eyes an extra bit of drama without overdoing it.

Simply mastering the skill of lash mapping is the key to achieving this wispy lashes effect. To get the wispy effect, you can use a variety of wispy lash mapping styles. It's a unique way of deciding which lash should go where.


Start by finding high spots where the spikes will be placed to map a wispy lash style. By doing this, you'll be able to see the look you desire from the beginning. We don't recommend utilizing the same length lashes for all of the spikey tips if your client doesn't have any special requests. 

( We have a complete online course that will teach you everything you need to know about wispy eyelash extensions. If you're interested, please click here.)

Wispy lashes

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TIP: You can do wispy classic, wispy hybrid, and wispy volume.


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To be a successful lash artist, you need to know all the different styles of lash extensions. Every style has its benefits. Regardless of whether you're working with a new or repeat client, it's essential to understand the different lash extension styles so that you can recommend the perfect one for her.

There is likely a unique nuance to each of these 5 lash styles that can be customized for a client even further. Because the reality is that every client has different tastes, and one style may not work for everyone. But with just a little extra education and practice, you'll soon have a library of services that will keep your clients coming back. After all, who doesn't want to look and feel their best? Just make sure that you know what your client wants, and you can't go wrong.


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