Eyelash Extension Application: Fluttering Lashes

Eyelash Extension Application: Moving Eyes

Are you a lash artist that struggles with clients twitching and fluttering during lash application?

Most lash artist’s struggle with this issue and on this blog, we will give you tips on how to avoid it or what to do when we can’t avoid clients having fluttering lashes.

Clients twitching and moving eyes during application can be a big issue when applying  lash extensions. If the eye is constantly moving it creates a risk of adhesive getting into the eye. Lash artists are working with tweezers and adhesive very closely to the client’s eyes, it is extremely dangerous to have the the client not be stable.  It can also cause the lash artist to not apply the lashes correctly which may result in premature shedding.

Why do my eyes twitch when getting eyelash extensions?

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Twitching and moving eyes during application can be a big issue when applying for lash extensions. If the eye is constantly moving it creates a risk of glue getting into the eye. It can also cause you (the lash artist) to not apply the lashes correctly on each lash resulting in premature shedding.

Most eyelid spasms go away without treatment in a few days or weeks. If they don’t go away, you can try to eliminate or decrease potential causes.

The most common causes of eyelid twitching are stress, fatigue, and caffeine.

Does nicotine make your eye twitch?

Stress and lack of sleep. Too much caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine can also lead to eye twitching. An eye twitch can also be triggered by dry eye, which can itself be caused by a number of different factors.

As a client To ease eye twitching, you might want to try the following:

  • Drink less caffeine.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Keep your eye surfaces lubricated with over-the-counter artificial tears or eye drops.
  • Apply a warm compress to your eyes when a spasm begins.

Eyelash Extension Application: Moving Eyes

  • Place a gel pad on your client’s upper lid, “sandwiching” the lash line, and calming the moving lids.
  • If the additional gel pad isn’t enough to settle the moving lashes, use paper or plastic tape to attach the upper and lower gel pads together.

Tips and Tricks

  • Be sure your client has not drunk coffee or any caffeinated drinks before coming in for her lash appointment.
  • Create a relaxing ambiance. Put a piece of relaxing music, maybe use a scented and aromatic candle
  • Try keeping the talking to a minimum. When talking, the eyes seem to flutter a bit more.
  • Ask your client if the light being used is bothering them. If so, try to dim the light to the lightest possible.
  • Talk a bit less or no talking at all, this way clients will be able to relax and have a good nap while having her session.
  • Be patient, fluttering lashes happen and we just have to be patient with this kind of situation.
  • Check your clients and ask question if the fluttering is still happening. We have to make sure that our clients are comfortable during the session.
  • Do not huff and puff and talk about stressful topics this can stress out your clients and cause excessive twitching.

We can’t open if we happen to have this kind of client. This is also a great opportunity for us to educate our clients about this situation. Proper communication helps a lot and we don’t have to be rude to our clients.

You can also inform them that their fluttering lashes might get affected by the way you apply their lashes. These gestures will be greatly appreciated by our dear clients.

Lash artists, always remember to have more patience with our clients. I know its frustrating to deal with this, but I know so well, with these tips you will be able to get this through.

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